IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 22 1998

ITXC, VocalTec and Lucent to Promote VoIP Gateway Specs

ITXC has announced that Lucent and VocalTec have developed interoperability
between their respective gateways for use over ITXC’s WWeXchange IP
telephony interconnectivity service. The interoperable solution is based on
the H.323 RAS Version 2 protocols. The companies plan to submit
specifications to their technology to standards bodies.

The gateway combo will be commercially available in November.

In a related announcement, Lucent has announced that it has developed
software for its PacketStar gateway, enabling proprietary VoIP systems to
interoperate. The PacketStar IP Services Platform software is written in
Java/C to operate on virtually any commercial server. The system is fully
distributed and scaleable in a way that new protocols and services can be
added while services are in operation. It will enable both PC to phone and
phone to phone communications between different carriers despite the mix of
networking technology, switches, and transmission protocols used. The
software will also offer enhanced features such as call waiting and call

The product is expected to be available in early ’99. It is tentatively
priced at $180 per gateway port.







NetCentric to Support Open Settlement Protocol

NetCentric has announced that it will integrate Open Settlement Protocol
(OSP) into its FaxStorm system to enable secure, mutual authentication
between networks offering its IP fax services. OSP was recently introduced
by Cisco, 3Com, GRIC Communications, iPass and TransNexus to promote
inter-domain authentication, authorization and accounting standards for IP
telephony. It features SSL encryption for security, mutual authentication
between communicating parties, non-repudiation of all communications via
digital signature technologies, firewall support and feature information
exchange via XML.

NetCentric will support both bilateral and multilateral settlement.



Ascend and Internet Magic to Integrate NetCentric’s Internet Fax Technology

NetCentric has announced that its Internet fax technology, FaxStorm, will
be integrated into Ascend’s remote access MAX platform device and Internet
Magic’s Legacy 2000 Internet fax enabling device. The integrated MAX
product will enable carriers and NSPs such as GTE Internetworking, PSINet,
.comfax or SingTel to expand FaxStorm-based IP services utilizing existing
Ascend internetworking infrastructure. The Legacy 2000 integrated product
will enable users to establish accounts with the FaxStorm enabled carriers
and NSPs to send facsimiles to any email account or fax machine in the world.

The FaxStorm Internet fax system is a turnkey, carrier-class IP telephony
solution that enables a wide range of IP-based fax services to be offered.
The fax system includes communication servers, subscriber software tools
and browser-based management applications. It supports services including
desktop fax, email fax, fax-to-fax, broadcast fax capabilities, fax in-box
and fax-on-demand web sites.

Ascend’s remote access MAX products enable remote networks to utilize any
combination of analog and digital carrier services. All MAX platforms
combine the functionality of a router, a terminal server, an ISDN switch
and a frame relay concentrator to support up to 48 simultaneous calls. The
devices feature user name and PINs authentication, and the translation of
phone numbers to IP addresses.

The Legacy 2000 connects to a fax machine to enable facsimiles to be
transmitted over the Internet as email attachments. It will support email
protocols including TCP/IP, MIME, POP3, SMTP and DNS. Its fax broadcast
capabilities will enable it to send as many as 100 faxes with a single

Legacy 2000 is priced at $499.





Internet Magic


Analysys Offers Internet Telephony Service Development Report

Analysys, a telecom consulting firm, has just released a new report
entitled, Commercial Strategies for Internet Telephony. The report
examines issues facing incumbent operators, new entrants, ISPs, cable
operators and IT vendors. It explores how operators can develop Internet
telephony services and addresses the technological challenges, market
prospects, application development and regulations of developing services.
The report also offers profiles of some players in the Internet telephony
market including USA Global Link, IDT, ITXC, OzEmail, RSL/Delta3, Sonera
(formerly Telecom Finland) and VocalTec.

More information on the report is available at


The report will be available in two formats: Hard copy or via the Analysys
web site. A hard copy of the report is priced at £1295/US$2330, with
single user access to the online version of the report plus a hard copy
priced at £1495/US$2690.



Optus Integrates LCR and Reporting Capabilities into its Fax Server

On the heels of integrating CallManage’s LCR technology into its Windows NT
based FACSys fax server, Optus Software has announced that it is
integrating support for Tally Systems’ Veranda Enterprise Messaging
Reporter product into the fax server. The report application will utilize
FACSys logs to allow users to assess utilization patterns, pinpoint usage
anomalies and implement usage-based charge-back processes.

The integrated Veranda/FACSys solution is currently available.

Optus Software


Tally Systems




Vsys to Use Informix Server for VoIP Software

Following a recent announcement reporting the commercial availability of
its SS7/PSTN integrated gatekeeper software product, Vsys has announced
that it is using Informix’s Unix based Dynamic Server to provide
intelligent network services such as 800/888, local number portability and
VPN capabilities. The gatekeeper product provides interfaces for both H.323
and SS7 protocols. It will support voice, data and fax solutions, and 1+
dialing. The Dynamic Server will also enable it to support a variety of
third party billing and reporting software products.





3com to Integrate Open Port’s Internet Facsimile Technology

3Com has announced that it is integrating Open Port’s store-and-forward and
real-time Internet fax technology into its Total Control Multiservice
Access Platforms. The integrated offering will enable Internet fax services
such as broadcast fax, never-busy fax and LCR.

Trials of the store-and-forward Internet fax solution with the HiPer Arc
and EdgeServer-based Total Control platforms are expected to begin this
month. The real-time fax solution is expected to begin tests with both
Total Control platforms later this year.

The companies plan to market the integrated offering to 3Com’s installed
base of service providers.



Open Port


DSP Research Introduces DSP Resource Board

DSP Research has introduced the VIPER-12 549/PC, a MVIP DSP resource board.
The 549 is a high density, H.323 compliant, MVIP DSP resource board for
VoIP infrastructure applications. The board combines the MVIP bus with
the power of 12 Texas Instruments TMS320LC549 DSPs. With 100 MIPS of
performance, each DSP can handle multiple channel or port assignments. The
board can support up to 60 channels or 48 G.723 vocoders with line echo

The VIPER-12 549/PC is supplied with the QuickSTART DSP operating
environment, and host APIs for MVIP switch control and DSP-host
communications. Development tools including Texas Instument’s C compiler
with assembler and linker, a DSP program loader, and the CodeComposer
Debugger are also available.

Single board pricing for the VIPER-12 549/PC starts at US $6,995. For more
detailed information, visit

DSP Research


Transaction Network Services to Purchase Netrix Equipment

Netrix has announced that Transaction Network Services (TNS) has placed an
order for ten of its Network Exchange 2250 multi-service switching
platforms. The deal is valued at approximately US $1.1million. TNS will
utilize the gateways to expand and upgrade its existing network, which
currently operates using 40 Netrix switches.

Virginia based TNS provides data communications services for
transaction-oriented applications.



Transaction Network Services


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