IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 22 2003

1. Intoto Introduces Platform for VoIP Product Development
Intoto has introduced iGateway SecureICP, an integrated communications platform for the development of IADs, IP PBXs, voice gateways and media gateways for small to medium enterprise applications. The platform, which has been designed to work with Intel’s XScale technology, supports the development of products with voice, security, and data functionality.

Intoto’s new software supports the development of SIP gateways with a call processing engine, SDP, RTP/RTCP and a generic DS-0/trunk interface that feature caller ID, wake up, phonebook, redial, outgoing call screening/dynamic service restriction, hotline (immediate and delayed), call waiting, call hold, and 3-way calling. The platform includes an ICSA firewall with NAT and support for more than 40 application layer gateways. The solution features a web based management and administrative interface.

In conjunction with Intel’s technology, the iGateway platform provides high speed processing of algorithms such as G.711 and G.729a/b with VAD and CNG, jitter control, multi-framing, and echo cancellation.

Intel’s IXP4XX network processor includes a DSP software library that runs on its XScale core.

iGateway provides an architecture for multiple applications and support for a variety of WAN and LAN technologies with optional features such as wireless access and VPNs.

Other platform features include bridging and spanning tree, WAN protocols (PPP & PPPoE) and application such as DHCP server, client, relay, HTTP server, SMTP client, DNS relay and Dynamic DNS.

iGateway SecureIP will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.


3. Yak Communications to Deploy Tekelec’s Switch
Yak Communications, an international long distance service provider based in Florida that offers 10-10 services, has plans to deploy Tekelec’s SanteraOne switch to deliver Class 5 local and Class 4 long distance voice services in Canada. The provider also plans to introduce converged voice and data services to SMEs.

Yak will use the SanteraOne to replace four existing legacy switches. The new switch will have 40,000 ports, expandable to 100,000 ports.

In other news, Tekelec announced that it has opened an office in Russia. Russian operators serve 40 million fixed line and 27 million mobile users. London-based Tekelec also has offices in Brazil, China, and Singapore.


Yak Communications

5. Dial Thru Launches VoIP Service Targeting College Students
Dial Thru International has launched the College Network, a calling card service marketed to college students that offers 4.5 cents per minute for domestic long distance calls in the U.S. The service features web account management, emailed billing statements, and 24/7 toll free customer service.

Dial Thru’s program also supports international calling.

Dial Thru International

7. Uniden Introduces Power over Ethernet IP Phones
Uniden has introduced UIP300, an IP phone interoperable with PowerDsine’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) endspan and midspan solutions. The phones are powered by plugging them into the Ethernet network, rather than using a power outlet. PowerDsine’s technology provides centralized battery backup for enterprise IP phone systems in the event of a power failure.



9. AAC Unveils Education Application for Cisco’s VoIP System
AAC has introduced PhoneTop, a XML application suite targeted at the K-12 education market that works with Cisco’s IP telephony system to provide teachers with administrative programs for classroom attendance, electronic hall pass management, phonebook dialing by job function, student information management, time keeping, visitor/intern control, and daily bulletin.

Recently, Avnet Enterprise Solutions has been named a reseller for AAC. The company will resell PhoneTop and provide assessment consulting and implementation services.


Avnet Enterprise Solutions

11. Toronto Airport to Deploy Cisco’s IP Telephony System
Toronto’s Pearson International Airport will deploy Cisco’s IP telephony system, primarily at check in gates and at self service kiosks.

At check in desks, airline personnel will be able to tap into their specific airline’s phone system, eliminating the need to share a PBX system with competing airlines. Representatives will be able to use four digit dialing. At kiosks, passengers will be able to use IP phones to order wheelchairs and request medical assistance.

Cisco’s IP phones are also planned for installation at the airport’s traffic control tower.

Cisco Systems

Pearson International Airport

13. Interactive Intelligence Unveils SIP Proxy Server
Interactive Intelligence has introduced a SIP proxy server, a solution for intelligently routing SIP messages over IP networks. The software runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 and is capable of working with any SIP system or device. Applications supported include skills based routing, IVR, web chat, remote agent, and call recording.

The company will be distributing free copies of its proxy server on CD at the upcoming VON show.

Interactive Intelligence

15. VoIP Stripping Significant Market Share from Telefonica in Peru
Telefonica reported that its outgoing long distance revenues have decreased 39.5% since Q1 of 2002 and its income revenues have decreased 31.9%. The incumbent carrier’s losses can be greatly attributed to competition from VoIP, which was introduced with the deregulation of the Peruvian telecom market in 1999. Today, Peru has 25 international long distance providers. While Telefonica still leads the market for incoming and outgoing international voice traffic, Americatel Peru claims a 17% share of outgoing traffic and AT&T Peru is quickly gaining popularity, now, the second leading provider of incoming international voice traffic and the third leading provider of outgoing traffic.

Americatel Peru emerged quickly, introducing its Ultra 77 calling less than a year ago. The company plans to launch fixed line services within the next few months.

Telefonica has countered with its own call card known as Hola Peru, but its rates are still higher than its competition.

In addition to calling cards, cybercafes and public Internet booths are popular in Peru.


Americatel Peru

AT&T Peru

17. Netrake Launches VoIP VPN Interconnection Service
Netrake has launched a VoIP VPN interconnection service for carriers that offer multimedia services to their enterprise customers. The service is delivered by the company’s nCite session controller. The device connects to the provider edge MPLS router via gigabit Ethernet interfaces. It sets an 802.1q VLAN tag, which correlates to an enterprise VPN within the MPLS network, on all packets routed to the nCite. The session controller then performs a set of tasks such as address translation, security, call routing, billing, call admission control and QoS mediation.


19. T-Systems Deploys PoP in Singapore
T-Systems has deployed a PoP in Singapore and has established a local business uit of its wholesale carrier division, International Carrier Sales and Solutions.

T-Systems operates a global network known as the Telekom Global Net. The company provides carrier products and services to nearly 900 network operators and international carriers in more than 140 countries.


21. Xpress Gateway Solutions to Deploy Mera’s Softswitch
Xpress Gateway Solutions, a Canada based VoIP wholesaler has deployed Mera Networks’ VoIP Transit Softswitch. The softswitch features dynamic call routing and real time accounting capabilities, RADIUS support, 100 modifiable parameters for configuring interoperability with multivendor gear, runtime journals and gateway statistics, and advanced routing and redundancy.

Xpress provides VoIP services from North America to South Asia.

Xpress Gateway Solutions

Mera Networks

23. Pace Micro Spins Off VoIP Gateway Business
Pace Micro has spun off its VoIP gateway business, VegaStream. The new company will be owned by MTI Partners, a venture capitalist. Pace will retain a 20% share.

When Pace purchased VegaStream in 2000, it planned to integrate the company’s VoIP technology into its cable and satellite customer premises equipment, but the initiative has been abandoned. The technology will now be targeted at small to large sized enterprises as well as service providers. VegaStream plans to have its gateways sold by PBX and data oriented resellers as well as big network equipment vendors such as Nortel and Siemens.

Pace Micro


25. Japan Yahoo! BB Reports 2,828,000 Registered IP Phone Users
Japan Yahoo! BB, a Japanese broadband service operated by Softbank and Yahoo! BB has reported that it ended August with 2,828,000 registered users to its IP phone service, up 156,000 from the previous month. The provider has signed up more than 1.2 million users since the beginning of the year.

Japan Yahoo! BB

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