IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 25 2001

1. Broadcom Introduces Two-Line Cable Modem Chip
Broadcom has introduced the BCM3351, a DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS single chip cable modem with two-line VoIP support. The technology can simultaneously deliver voice, video, data, and home networking services. Services supported by the chip include primary and second line local and long distance telephony services with caller ID, voice mail, and fax mail services; virtual office telephony; VPNs; HPNA and Bluetooth based home networking; MP3 downloadable music services; firewall security; virus protection; parental control; and open access support for the cable industry.

Key modules integrated into the chip include: a voice enhanced DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 1.0/1.1 capable MAC with a widespread DES encryption/decryption engine, a VoIP/FoIP DSP delivering two lines of compressed voice and fax relay packets, a multimedia capable 32 Mbps iLine 32 HPNA interface, a 160 MIPS microprocessor, software to increase upstream channel capacity, a 10/100 Ethernet MAC, an IPsec module, and a two-line codec.

The BCM3351 comes with PacketCable software that includes the NCS protocol stack along with media, signaling, authentication security, and the following voice compression codecs: G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729a/b/e, and G.728.

The chip is currently available in a 484-pin PBGA package. Pricing is set at $50 per unit in quantities of 100,000.

For developers, a VoIP cable modem reference design, the BCM93351VCM, is also available. It consists of a complete development package including schematics, Gerber files (for engineers that act like babies), bills of materials, software source code and dedicated applications and engineering support.


3) CommWorks Carrying 310 Million Minutes Per Month
CommWorks has said that it has increased its voice traffic load to 310 million minutes per month. The 3Com company claims that it has carried 3 billion minutes in the last 17 months, with the last billion achieved in only 3 months.

The CommWorks IP telephony system is based on a three-tier architecture of media gateways, softswitch elements for signaling, call control, and network management, and back-end servers interconnected by open standards based protocols.


5. Ericsson Introduces IP-PBX/VoIP Gateway
Ericsson has introduced a IP communications platform for businesses that includes an IP-PBX and VoIP gateway known as the WebSwitch 2000. The product integrates voice, data, and wireless applications into a single communications infrastructure. The technology offers business-class voice services on a real-time OS and includes features such as voice mail, automated attendant and call logging. An open interface is provided for unified messaging, CTI and wireless LAN applications. Various levels of interoperability are supported for H.323 compliant gateways, gatekeepers, and IP terminals.

The company’s solution also includes two IP platforms, the AXC 470 and the AXC 475, providing businesses with VPN support, routing, remote access concentration, and IP service delivery.


7. SK Telink to Use Clarent’s Solutions for Business Services
Clarent has said that SK Telink will use its VoIP products to offer IP-based services to businesses in Korea. The provider will use Clarent’s OpenAccess solution, Class 4 and Class 5 softswitches, CPG devices and carrier gateways.

Clarent has already been supplying SK Telink with products enabling IP domestic and international long distance services.

SK Telink provides wireless services to 14 million subscribers.


SK Telink

9. Symbol Introduces Wireless Web Appliance with VoIP
Symbol has introduced a new wireless web appliance, the NetVision Data Phone, that transmits IP-based voice and data over IEEE 802.11b networks. The product can act as a web client, handheld computer, bar code scanner and telephone, enabling users to make and receive calls, enter and submit data to a remote server, communicate by walkie-talkie with co-workers within a facility, and scan a barcode for data capture.

Symbol Technologies

11. IPVerse Interoperable with Multiple OSA Partners
IPVerse has announced that its open softswitch platform, ControlSwitch, has proven to be interoperable with three SIP-based application servers from Open Softswitch Alliance partners IP Unity, Pactolus Communications Software and White Pajama.

ControlSwitch is a carrier-class application and call control platform that offers traditional toll, tandem and local voice services as well as converged voice data services. The technology supports SIP-based IP call centers, IP conferencing and prepaid calling card services.


13. Oki & Arelnet to Develop Interoperability
Oki Network Technologies has announced that it will develop interoperability of its VoIP gateway products and Arelnet’s I-Tone Prime and I_Tone Miniprime gateways.

Arelnet will support Oki’s BV-1250 gateway and its VoIP residential gateway. Oki’s BV-1250 four port VoIP gateway connects and operates with standard telephones, PBXs, key telephone systems, PSTN lines and fax machines. It supports SNMP and remote management, and is fully H.323 v2 compliant. The company’s VoIP residential gateway is a single-channel voice/data gateway allows consumers to use standard equipment to make calls and faxes over IP networks.

Oki Network Technologies


15. Eight Companies Using Radvision’s SIP Technology
Radvision has said that eight companies have licensed its express SIP and universal SIP toolkits in the last six months including Alexis Communications, Anyuser.net, Contela, CTI (2), Lea*d IP Systems, Net Personix, Personeta, and Wylus. The companies are building either new SIP-based IP phones, gateways or other communication devices and applications or developing SIP support for their existing products.


17. Song Introducing VoIP Using Centile’s Hosted iPBX
Centile has announced that Song Networks AB has licensed its Hosted iPBX software, and will introduce services in Sweden and Finland following the completion of trials. The technology runs on Sun servers and integrates with Cisco’s network equipment.

Song is in the process of constructing networks in the 80 largest cities in the Nordic region.

Song Networks


19. Pingtel’s Phones Interoperable with Denwa’s SIP Service
Denwa Communications, a provider of managed SIP-based communications, has said that Pingtel’s Java-based SIP xpressa phones are interoperable with the company’s services. Under the terms of a reseller agreement with Pingtel, Denwa will offer consumers the Pingtel phone as part of a complete hosted IP voice solution via its web-based SIP store.


Denwa Communications

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