IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 26 2002

1. WebTel Introduces VoB CPE and Managed Service
WebTel Wireless has introduced iBox, a VoB CPE that connects a user’s regular phone or fax to a cable modem, DSL modem, IAD or directly to the computer, depending on the broadband connection. The technology is being introduced as part of the company’s managed, flat rate VoIP service, which allows users to make unlimited calls within the U.S. for $34.95 per month. WebTel plans to market its VoIP services to broadband providers based on revenue-sharing agreements.

For each iBox deployed, the provider will simply assign it a dedicated IP address and have the box configured with WebTel’s network. Depending on the arrangement with the provider, the cost for the iBox units will either be shared with the provider or covered entirely by WebTel. In some cases, a $100 user activation fee will be used to subsidize the product costs.

Webtel has been an ITSP since 1996. The company is also a provider of wholesale minutes to Cellular One of Northeast Arizona as well as a cellular carrier and owner of two PCS F Block licenses in Arizona.

WebTel Wireless

3. AudioCodes to Use TI’s AC491 DSP
AudioCodes, a long-time partner with Texas Instruments (TI), has announced that it will use TI’s AC491 DSP as a building block for its modules and boards, and will also resell customized versions of the technology as a VOP processor for high-density gateways. The dime-sized DSP consists of six integrated C55x cores, on-chip memory and peripherals.


Texas Instruments

5. Telecom Colombia Interconnects with Primus
Telecom Colombia, the largest fixed telecom provider in Colombia, has interconnected its network with Primus Telecommunications and will exchange VoIP traffic.

Primus sent nearly 2.5% of its international originated voice minutes to Colombia in 2001.

Telecom Colombia

Primus Telecommunications

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