IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 27 2002

1. GNP Unveils Media and Signaling Gateway Platforms
GNP has introduced media gateway and signaling gateway platforms based on the company’s ComputerNode family of enclosures integrated with products from third party vendors.

The media gateway platform is built on a ComputerNode chassis, available in a 2U, 3U, or 4U configuration. The technology includes Sun’s Netra CP2040 cPCI processor board with a 500 MHz UltraSPARC II processor and 512 MB of memory; Sun’s Solaris 8 operating environment; NMS’s Convergence Generation VoIP card, Fusion 4 development environment, and Natural Access operating and development environment; as well as redundant hot swappable power supplies, a cooling system, a built-in line card, and disk storage. Options include added satellite processors and VoIP cards.

The signaling gateway platform consists of technology similar to the media gateway platform, except the NMS contribution is replaced by the SS7 version 3.8 software stack and TX3220C T1 adapter card.

The hard disk storage, depending on the ComputerNode chassis chosen, is either a 20 GB SCSI or one or two 36 GB SCSI drives. The chassis provides up to seven open expansion slots, also dependent on the chassis chosen.


3. AdLink to Use PT’s Switching and Interfaces
AdLink Technology will integrate Performance Technologies’ (PT) PICMG 2.16-based IPnexus family into its CompactPCI/IP telephony platforms. In specific, AdLink will implement PT’s CPC440X Ethernet switching products and its CPC388 and CPC396 communications interfaces to assemble an open architecture building block platform. The solution will include PT’s NexusWare embedded Linux-based operating environment.

AdLink Technology

Performance Technologies

5. Jasomi Introduces NAT Solution for SIP
Jasomi Network has introduced a NAT traversal technology for its SIP- based PeerPoint Centrex Edition, a solution, deployed at service provider PoPs, for capturing and processing SIP calls.

Jasomi Networks

7. Nuera Introduces VoIP Broadband Access Gateway
Nuera has introduced Orca RDT-8, a VoIP broadband access gateway that supports 4,000 subscribers. The gateways is interoperable with Class 5 switches from multiple vendors such as Nortel, Lucent, NEC, Alcatel, and Nokia. The technology is PacketCable compliant. The chassis fits seven to a rack.

The 8g product version supports GR-303 and a 8v version supports the ETSI V5.2 PSTN interface.

Orca can be transformed into a softswitched controlled trunking gateway via a software upgrade.


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