IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 27 2005

1. LignUp Successful in Establishing Alliance Program
Lignup, a supplier of a communications platform along with applications for hosted PBX, voicemail, unified messaging, and auto attendant, has established FastLine, an alliance of technology partners to develop a fully hosted and managed VoIP service with products certified to interoperate with key partners Level3 and Rodopi. Service from the alliance will be available to service providers via licenses in January of 2006.

The alliance will jointly develop a reference architecture that will use LignUp’s platform and applications, Level3’s network, NexTone’s session controllers, and Rodopi’s provisioning, billing, and back office software. Tekvizion will test and certify products.

Other technology partners include IBM, Oracle, Carrius, D-Tac, Canyon Bridge, Stratus, inGate, CentricVoice, VoIP Logic and Cymphonix.

FastLign LignUp Alliance

3. TCS to Provide Nomadic e911 Services to Level3
Telecommunication Systems (TCS) will prvoide e911 components to Level3 to support nomadic e911 services for the providers’ VoIP consumers. The service will include location determination, route determination, call delivery, and location content delivery.

Level3 has connections to PSAPs covering 67% of all U.S. households, with plans to reach 70% by the end of the year.



5. LineSider Launches Policy Based Security Management
LineSider Communications has introduced SecureVoIP, a policy based VoIP security management tool with network control capability that performs functions such as auto provisioning and VoIP implementation and management.

Part of LineSiderís Zero-1 EnterpriseTM product line, SecureVoIP delivers Real Time Security of SIP and RTP, through the use of Policy Enforcement Points (PEPs) located at customer site locations and the BroadSoft VoIP platform, BroadWorks through New Global Telecom. LineSider provides policy administration and management of the PEPs for the delivery of secured business-class VoIP and IP VPN networking. SecureVoIP is enabled for site-to-site calling across the enterprise network as well as securing the VoIP call from customer premises, through the Internet, to BroadWorkÆ before the call is handed off to the PSTN.

Current customers of SecureVoIP include Omni Capital Group, Centennial Insurance, and DecisionOne.

LineSider Communications

7. Broadcom Introduces Chip for Mid-Range IP Phones
Broadcom has introduced BCM1104, an enterprise IP phone chip designed for use in mid-range IP phones. The chip includes voice security, advanced QoS, GbE switching, 2 Fast Ethernet transceivers, IP phone peripherals such as wideband-capable analog CODECS with amplifiers, and interfaces for external peripherals and memory types.

A reference design for an IP phone is also being offered. The design platform includes a GbE phone reference design board that includes housing with a graphic display along with PhoneXChange firmware and example application code.

The BCM1104 is currently sampling. The chip ships in a 420-pin PBGA lead free package. The product will be priced at $15 in quantities of 10,000.


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