IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 28 2002

1. CommWorks Adds Multistage Dialing to VoIP Solutions
CommWorks has added multistage dialing functionality to its VoIP product portfolio, enabling service providers options to add prepaid and postpaid applications to their offerings.

With two-stage calling, a customer purchases a fixed number of minutes for a particular phone number for which calls will originate. The customer receives a toll-free number., which they dial to initiate a call. After they are authenticated by the system, they dial the number they are trying to reach.

With third-stage calling, the user purchases a calling card with a fixed number of minutes. The user dials a toll-free number, enters a PIN for authentication, and then enters the destination phone number. The card can be used from virtually any phone system in the world.

Other features of CommWorks’ system include: separation of the IVR server from the media server; support for OSP in the softswitch controller rather than the media gateway; integrated authentication and rating server for real-time billing and flexible rate plan creation; and interoperability with multistage calling systems from third party VoIP vendors.

The technology is delivered by CommWorks’ Total Control 1000 and 2000 media gateways.

The company’s softswitch provides signaling, call control and treatment, and service creation in a distributed architecture.


3. Telia to Offer Sylantro’s Hosted PBX Services
Telia, a communications service provider, will offer Sylantro’s hosted PBX services to its Swedish SMEs, in conjunction with the company’s VPN services. The technology will include Sylantro’s Communications Suite applications and application server, as well as Cisco’s media gateways, routers, IP phones, and other peripheral devices.

Sylantro’s applications include hosted PBX and IP Centrex services that can be deployed within existing Class 5 legacy infrastructures or within softswitched based networks.



5. Landmark Graphics to Use Latitude’s Conferencing
Landmark Graphics, an oil industry software developer, will use Latitude’s Meeting Place for IP Phone conferencing solution. The technology enables access to voice and web conferences from IP phones. Features include automatic generation of email notices that populate Outlook or Notes calendars, phone and phone access to scheduled meetings.

Landmark has 2,000 employees at over 50 offices worldwide. The company will use the conferencing solution for training, sales forecasts, and scheduling.

Latitude Communications

Landmark Graphics

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