IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 28 2004

1. WilTel Launches Wholesale VoIP Services to Carriers/Providers
WilTel Communications has deployed Lucent’s softswitch (formerly Telica’s Plexus) to enable its MPLS network to provide IP interconnections to carriers, resellers, and VoIP service providers. With support for both TDM and IP, WilTel’s new architecture supports the introduction of a portfolio of services that includes switched and dedicated One Plus, enhanced toll- free, carrier termination, calling card, carrier transport, and international termination. Customers can connect to WilTel’s network via dedicated Internet access, MPLS IP VPN or peering. The services eliminate the need for protocol conversion.

WilTel currently delivers more than 4 billion minutes of voice traffic monthly.

WilTel Communications

3. One Voice Launches Termination and Calling Card Services
One Voice Network has launched wholesale VoIP termination services to carriers in the U.S., Europe and Asia and a virtual number card service that provides a phone number and voicemail account to consumers without phones. The latter service targets consumers in developing countries throughout Asia, Latin America/Caribbean and Africa. The services are delivered using Mera Systems’ MVTS session controller.

One Voice Network

5. Iceland Telecom to Offer Business & Residential VoIP Services
Iceland Telecom, the country’s incumbent telecom provider, has announced plans to rollout hosted IP Centrex and IP VPN services to businesses in the beginning of 2005, following a trial scheduled to begin in November. After introducing business services, the company plans to launch primary line residential VoIP services. The services will be delivered using NetCentrex’s MyCall softswitch platform.

Iceland Telecom

7. Nokia Enhances IP DSLAM with PSTN Connectivity
Nokia has enhanced its D500 IP DSLAM by supporting both SIP and basic analogue 2 wire POTS connectivity from the same platform, as well as supporting connectivity to WLAN enabled terminals and PCs. The device, capable of delivering voice, video, and high speed data, includes ADSL2+ features.


9. iBasis Launches Consumer Prepaid Calling Card Service
iBasis, a wholesale carrier of international voice traffic, has launched Pingo, a consumer prepaid calling service. Users are provided with a toll-free access number, account number, and PIN. In addition to per minute fees, subscribers pay a 98 cent per month service fee and a surcharge for calls placed from pay phones. Subscribers have access to online call history and billing reports.

The company is currently offering multiple promotional offers including free minutes and refer a friend rewards. Consumers sign up for the service via the Pingo web site.



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