IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 29 2005

1. FCC Extends e911 Deadline for VoIP Service Providers
The FCC has once again extended its deadline requiring VoIP service providers to provide e911 services and to inform customers of the limitations of the provider’s 911 system. The initial deadline was set for late August, but then pushed forward to September 28th. The new deadline is October 31.

At least 21 providers have contacted 100% of their respective subscribers and another 32 providers have contacted more than 90% of their customers. More than one-third of providers have reached less than 90% of their subscribers. Vonage, which reports more than 800,000 subscribers, has said that it has informed 98% of its customers.


3. ArcanaNetworks Unveils CallManager Express Mgmt
ArcanaNetworks has introduced ManageExpress VoIP, a web-based centralized provisioning and management tool for deploying and maintaining Cisco’s CallManager Express and Unity Express. The solution supports all of Cisco’s CME, CUE and VG224 platforms.

ArcanaNetworks’ OpsXML based platform can be extended through the use of Service Logic and Device CLI in XML.


5. Intrado Names New VoIP Service Provider Customers
Intrado has announced a new set of VoIP service providers that will be using its V911 Mobility Service (VMS) including Affinity, DNA, Ecuity, Heartland, I2, Spirit, Telefinity, and U.S. LEC. The service meets the new FCC requirements for providing e911 service including selective router access agreements to deliver calls natively, 911 service provider provisioning agreements for call routing instructions, and network connectivity to deliver VOIP customer records to the PSAP.


7. Telcordia Launches VoIP Routing Registry
Telcordia has launched VoIP Routing Registry, a new service associated with the company’s IMS portfolio that enables cross carrier VoIP calling that uses centrally administered IP routing data to ensure calls are routed over IP networks rather than the PSTN.


9. Phoenix Introduces New Speakerphones
Phoenix Audio Technologies has introduced 2 new speakerphones for VoIP environments, the Duet PCS and the Duet Executive. Both models support full duplex communications, acoustic echo cancellation, noise suppression, line echo, voice level compensation algorithms and acoustic modeling. The Executive model can be linked with other Executive models to create conferencing among multiple areas.

The PCS goes for $200 and the Executive is available for $300.

Phoenix Audio Technologies

11. Switchvox Unveils IP PBX
Switchvox has introduced a SOHO IP PBX, supporting both SIP and IAX, that features conference bridging, busy call rules, unified messaging, extension groups, voicemail forwarding, call API, call center statistics, and paging and intercom. The system is offered as a turnkey solution with server hardware and pre-installed software.

The advanced IP PBX, mentioned above, is available for $2,495. Switchvox also offers an IP PBX with fewer features for $995.


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