IP Telephony News Wrap-up for Sep, 30 2002

1. TeleSym System Delivering VoWireless to PDAs
TeleSym has introduced SymPhone, a solution for delivering VoIP over 802.11b wireless networks to mobile devices such as pocket PC PDAs. The technology consists of client software, a call server, and a connector for the 3Com NBX.

The client software transforms mobile PDAs into phones for PDA- to-PDA or PDA-to-phone calls. The client features a dial pad, contact list and intercom. It runs on pocket PC devices such as Compaq’s IPAQ and the Intermec 710.

The call server provides real-time look-up and call management services. The system also includes a connector for 3Com’s NBX, enabling each client to make and receive calls on the PSTN. The connector runs on Windows servers.

TeleSym is currently offering a 30-day free trial of SymPhone. The offer enables free SymPhone to SymPhone calls, as well as free SymPhone to phone calls within the Seattle area.

TeleSym is currently seeking resellers for its technology.


3. VocalTec Cuts 70 Employees – 32% of Workforce
As part of a reorganization plan, VocalTec has cut 70 of its employees (equivalent to 32% of its workforce), including 56 positions in Israel. The elimination of jobs is part of the company’s move to scale back long-range R&D efforts. VocalTec expects the job cuts to reduce quarterly operating expenses by 41% from Q2 levels, and lower its breakeven revenue target to approximately $6.8 million per quarter.


5. Sonexis Unveils Audio & Web Conferencing
Sonexis has introduced ConferenceManager, a modular, premises based audio and web conferencing platform that includes scheduling and notification services; PSTN, PBX, IP-PBX, and VoIP connectivity; spontaneous or scheduled conferences; Microsoft Outlook integration for scheduling and contact management; wireless integration with SMS or Blackberry clients; call detail reporting; full duplex, and digital voice quality.

ConferenceManager is available for less than $1,000 per port.

Sonexis is currently seeking resellers for its new product. The company’s reseller program includes ongoing support from regional channel account managers, access to a reseller web site, FAQs, sales presentations, product training, as well as access to brand-able marketing collateral, customer testimonials, and case studies. Resellers are also provided with a ROI analysis and pre-qualified lead-generation.


7. Turtle Bay Deploys 3Com’s VoIP Solution
Redding, California-based Turtle Bay Exploration Park, an educational theme park, has deployed 3Com’s NBX 100 Communications System, 2 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 switches and 15 SuperStack 3 Switch 300 switches to support VoIP within the park.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park


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