Malaysian government to use Internet TV for public relations

Malaysia has introduced a new Internet video service which will help the government deliver information, news and other updates to the public in the country, according to media reports.

The IPTV channel, 1MalaysiaIPTV, can be visited online from all Internet devices, PC or mobile, while dedicated applications for BlackBerry, Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) will provide additional access points for Malaysians.

The new IPTV service is a response to the socialization of news, which now sees breaking updates spread through digital media and other web-based channels, and it will allow the Malaysian government to quickly push out information when necessary, as Prime Minister Najib Razak explains, “With current technology, the public is able to receive news and information in an instant. Sometimes, even before a meeting ends, people already know the news.”

He also added, “Sometimes, the information out there in the web is misinterpreted. The government have no choice but to guarantee that we deliver accurate news at a faster pace, and if possible, at real-time speed.

Malaysia is not alone in using digital technology to improve communications between the government and its people. The Hong Kong government started rolling out city data and information to the public through an iPad application last October, and by using a device universal platform, Malaysian authorities can reach non-iPhone and iPad users.

Unlike Hong Kong, which is giving out information for public consumption, the Malaysian government will be providing updates, perhaps in response to news, which is an entirely different kind of communications type.

Users can take the new application for a test drive. However the IPTV service is still not free at the moment and it is however currently priced at a reasonable US$0.99.

But for that amount, users can gain access to a wide range of programming across 10 different channels. It is not just government-related information they can view, users might able to watch a Korean drama or Japanese game shows.

The IPTV channel can also be viewed from outside of Malaysia, which will enable overseas Malaysians access. However, foreigners who do not speak Malaysian Bahasa (or Korean, even) are likely to have limited or no interest as there appears to be no content in English yet.

The mobile applications can be downloaded by visiting the main website through your desktop or any supported mobile device.

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