Microsoft wants to use Skype from any device

The software giant is looking for experts to create a web version of Skype based on HTML 5 and Java. Microsoft has posted a job opening in which asked developers to bring their expertise to the web. The job offer has triggered rumors about Microsoft's intention to create a web version of Skype based on HTML 5 and Java.

If this happens, this project would no longer need to have Skype installed on your computer to make calls.

2011 was a landmark year for the history of Skype for its acquisition by Microsoft. The Redmond-based company paid $8.5 billion and since then, Skype has been a division of Microsoft.

Before the merger, Skype’s VoIP service has continued to develop independently, without any significant directions from Microsoft. Now, it appears that Microsoft is launching plans for Skype.

Microsoft's goal would be to facilitate the use of Skype and break one of the main barriers of VoIP, the need to install a program or application to use.

Thus, it seems that Microsoft wants to develop a web version of the VoIP service to allow its use without requiring users to install it.

Microsoft's intention was made known after the company publish job offers in Europe.

The job description says that developers will participate in a project to bring the potential for Skype to the web. The company has specified that candidates must be skilled in HTML 5 and Java, which would confirm their intentions.

Microsoft has explained that this project will lead to "hundreds of thousands of users," the possibilities of Skype, which points clearly to the Internet.

The fact that the company has chosen HTML 5 and Java shows that it seeks to develop the project with the current programming standards, which prompts us to think the company wants Skype to be compatible with the web and the main platforms in the web.

As of this time, Microsoft is still recruiting, it is still early to know the limitations within which it could reach a web version of Skype. However, the company plans to clearly indicate that goal, which would clear the potential expansion of the service.

For some time, Microsoft is taking steps to bring VoIP service to the web. Skype released in late January a new addition to its service that allows users to call any phone number directly from a page. Once installed, you only need to click on the Skype buttons that appear next to a number to make a call.

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