Mobile VoIP usage increasing and changing the telecoms industry

Visiongain, an independent business information provider for the Telecoms, Pharmaceutical, Defence, Energy and Metals industries, the author of a recent report looking at mobile Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market over 2012 – 2017. The report examines both the mobile VoIP market and the impact that LTE is the mobile VoIP. In the current VoIP market, it sees revenue up to $ 2.5 billion.

The report concludes that the leading low-cost international call provider Firstnumber and their predictions about the consumer and their ability to not only utilize the most current technology but also source less expensive alternatives. The success of the mobile VoIP market is hailed as a combination of intelligence smartphone users with the rise of VoIP tools and applications provided, thus meeting the requirement.

The report suggests that the mobile VoIP market is currently in a pivotal point in its life cycle. And there is a current battle between consumers looking to save money and take advantage of these benefits – while network operators are keen to prevent and other customers to use VoIP in their networks . The global adoption of VoIP services has had an effect on text messaging and long-distance phone calls on their network.

A spokesman from Firstnumber commented: "Visiongain report truly reflects the will of society and consumers to save money and actually the most out of VoIP."

He added, "A paradigm shift has begun and consumers got used to free services, then going back to high tariffs and bill data is an unlikely choice."

The report includes a critical overview of current market and forecast the next stage of development until 2017, with 67 tables, charts and graphs to help provide visual analysis, which helps to explain the present and future that trends in the mobile VoIP market.

The spokesman continued: "Everyone here at Firstnumber is also proud of the United Kingdom to give consumers a fast and easy way of making cheap international calls. That involves no account set-up or hidden costs, to call starts from as little as 1 pence per minute. Gone are the days where high mobile bill is expected and tolerated. "

Latter report concludes that the market for mobile VoIP service is on the rise. It said that providing consumers and businesses with a reliable and inexpensive alternative when making international calls, making cheap calls to Ukraine, France, Germany and hundreds of other countries is now a reality with almost no barriers.

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