New research say IP telephony market rising fast in the U.S.

At this current point in time, the amount of employees that work from home remotely (popularly called as telecommuting) is growing at a rapid pace and this rising trend has had a significant impact on communications technology. Due to this increasingly popular migration, there are so many VoIP solutions that have been designed carefully to measure up to the increasing demands from such customers.

A just released study by research firm, Companies and Markets has revealed that the IP telephony markets in the United States are reaching maturity as they say, according to a press statement. According to the firm, the report forecasts in detail that 20 percent of all business telephony will be hosted by the year 2020, as more consumers continue to realize the multiple benefits and the full potential associated with the IP telephony technology.

Furthermore, the research shows that better VoIP solutions will continue to be implemented by small businesses who have very limited budgets or financing, while larger organizations who have much less worries when it comes to capital or resources are already transitioning to a unified communications environment – some using Microsoft Lync.

Recently, Analyst Rob Enderle commented in a media statement that two of the main obstacles to VoIP hardware becoming more widely integrated in business operations include the many changes that are required for the move as well as in some cases complete opposition to the migration. He added as soon as consumers become better educated or more informed about the countless advantages of VoIP solutions, it is highly possible that “a VoIP revolution will likely take place in the next few years.”

Costs associated with Unified Communications and private branch exchange (PBX) systems are dropping like flies, and some PBX companies are starting their own hosted services, potentially restraining market value. Competition has intensified in the hosted telephony market, encouraging better innovation. The report said it is expected that in future, providers will offer flexible, bundled service solutions with enhanced features, specifically designed to customers. Improvements to quality and availability of service will also attract and retain customers.

The report also has an explanation of the market landscape, including market segmentation (IP Centrex; Hosted IP PBX, and hosted UC), trends, models, opportunities, market barriers/drivers for growth, key players and end users. The report also suggests to the reader with strategic recommendations, directed towards end users and service providers.

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