NXP Software and Verimatrix provides secure content delivery to Android devices

NXP Software has integrated its client security Verimatrix ViewRight Web within the Android version of its LifeVibes QuickPlayer. ViewRight Web is part of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS), and their integration into QuickPlayer improved security which allows for the deployment of enhanced content type "stream" Android phones and tablets. This opens the door to new revenue streams for service providers such as broadcasters and IPTV providers to add premium services (fee) Internet television.

"The consumer demand for content on smartphones and tablets is growing quickly. As a global leader in enabling exciting multimedia experiences, NXP Software is ready to help service providers to comply with his demand. By partnering with Verimatrix, We have combined our expertise in high-quality video and audio on mobile device platforms such as Android with deep experience in securing and improving the income of Verimatrix for digital television services from multiple screens, "said Peter Van de Berg, director of marketing NXP Software.

This new version supports QuickPlayer LifeVibes rapid deployment of video service applications secure VCAS across a wide range of Android-based instruments in the market that use the HTTP protocol adaptive bitrate Live Streaming (HLS). Allows enhanced security infrastructure that HLS is fully compatible with the stringent requirements of premium licensed content. In addition, LifeVibes QuickPlayer offers a user experience like "quality of living." This ensures a rapid onset of reproduction, maintaining perfect vision without re-buffering, loss of service or visual artifacts even during network changes and variations in the availability of broadband.

"As the market matures OTT video, network operators can mix and Internet TV in their traditional services – from a model operational, technological and income. This requires enhanced security functionality and options to achieve the deployment of instruments connected to premium content. Our partnership with NXP Software helps operators to deploy services within the wider range of new mobile devices, while still maintaining the appropriate level of security, "said Steve Oetegenn, Chief Sales and Marketing for Verimatrix.

About NXP Software

NXP Software is a leading software vendor in the world for mobile multimedia. It specializes in innovative multimedia solutions and applications that help mobile device manufacturers and service providers to offer unique multimedia experience.

The visions of the end user direct their designs, resulting in end-user experiences while differentiating experience unprecedented audio and video ensures better performance and truly customizable solutions.

NXP Software has established strong relationships with key vendors to ensure optimum flexibility, ease of integration and interoperability between hardware and software platforms. Its range of products LifeVibes software is used in more than one billion mobile devices, making the company the market leader in software solutions and applications for mobile multimedia. LifeVibes is a trademark of NXP Software.

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