Orlando, Florida – October 11, 2011 – 4PSA, a technology leader in Cloud Communication Software, known for its leading-edge VoipNow® Unified Communications platform, has announced today the public availability of Cloud Telephony, the flexible, next-generation SIP trunking service that can be provisioned within minutes.

The new service delivers access to the telephony network using the SIP protocol and features unlimited concurrent incoming and outgoing calls. Moreover, it is possible to choose local phone numbers in over 30 countries around the world with best rates for domestic and international calls. Using VoIP technologies and the Cloud Telephony service, it is not necessary to install physical phone lines and incoming calls are always free.

"The Cloud Telephony solution is designed to deliver great value to a wide variety of customers, from small businesses to enterprises and also service providers. We cover a wide range of expectations and requirements." said Mike Ross, 4PSA's President. "With the addition of Cloud Telephony to our VoipNow® Cloud Instance and Unified Communications suite, the go-to-market time for these services has been greatly reduced." Mr. Ross also stated. 

The new service is part of 4PSA's strategy to bring the cloud flexibility to resources that traditionally required complicated provisioning processes. Cloud Telephony follows cloud Unified Communications and cloud software licensing as a way to simplify the deployment of traditional telephony services. 

Cloud Telephony can be used with any communication system that implements a VoIP SIP interface. When paired with VoipNow Cloud Instance that already offers software, infrastructure and support, it is a complete solution for service providers so that they can start delivering services to their customers immediately, and also for businesses that are looking for a turn-key Unified Communications solution. 

"Some customers prefer to host VoipNow® on their own infrastructure and choose their favorite carriers. VoipNow Professional is already the optimal solution for these customers with its comprehensive set of features, its flexibility and ability to scale. The new Cloud Telephony helps these installations too because it provides additional carrier services that reduce costs and improve reliability." added Mr. Ross. 

4PSA's Cloud Telephony is available in three packages – Starter, Business and Service Provider, which offer free credit every month and require no commitments. More information and the list of rates can be found at


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