Qualcomm makes possible the first VoIP call over LTE

Qualcomm, in collaboration with Ericsson, has successfully completed the first voice call from a mobile network to a WCDMA network LTE. The two companies have used technology Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) to achieve this milestone. It is hoped that Qualcomm and Ericsson will offer demonstrations of their achievement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

SRVCC technology is a specific feature of 3GPP allows continuous service by switching to a WCDMA network when a user who is on a call of VoLTE leave the area LTE network coverage. Qualcomm said intial testing was done last December 23, 2011, and performed well in a network of Ericsson phones and a multi-processor integrated Snapdragon MSM8960 S4.

"As LTE networks are deployed alongside their 3G networks, the possibility that 3G/LTE multimode mobile devices to connect to different network technologies during the same call, is a crucial key to providing the best experience of voice and data users, " said senior vice president of product management for Qualcomm, Cristiano Amon.

SRVCC is the next logical step in the 'roadmap' Voice over LTE 4G networks after the commercial launch in 2011 of the CSFB Technology (Circuit-Switched Fallback) in smartphones. CSFB enables a single radio in the device can switch dynamically from a data connection to a 3G LTE when the user needs to make or receive a call.

Similarly, the support SRVCC enables a single radius in the device without difficulty perform the transfer of a voice call from one network to a 3G network LTE. Moreover, CSFB SRVCC and allow both LTE as 3G connections on a single chip, eliminating the need to use modems and 3G radio and LTE separately. This makes it possible for manufacturers to design phones with lower power consumption, lower component costs and also with a smaller size.

As 3G networks continue to be deployed alongside LTE for some quite time now, and CSFB SRVCC becomes an essential technology to provide seamless voice experience for customers using LTE multimode devices once VoLTE is deployed commercially.

Qualcomm intends to ensure the best performance for voice users in LTE through leading technologies such as CSFB and SRVCC. "Qualcomm is committed to deploying LTE networks worldwide, in conjunction with 3G networks, and the milestone has been achieved with Ericsson is another step for VoLTE technology becomes a commercial reality," added Cristiano Amon.

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