Rebtel releases Windows Phone app for low-cost international VoIP calling

Rebtel, the world's largest mobile VoIP company after Skype, recently announced the launch of Rebtel for Windows Phone. The app is available for free from now on Windows Marketplace and allows anyone to produce high quality cheap international calls to friends and family thanks to the local Rebtel number of networks available more than 50 countries. Now, Windows Phone app joined the fleet of existing offerings of currently available Rebtel app for iPhone, Android, iPad, Android tablet.

"Now, we are extremely happy to take the next step towards offering the most comprehensive suite of mobile app for low cost international calling by announcing Rebtel for Windows Phone. The app provides users substantial savings of up to 98% and takes advantage of the minutes of your wireless plan to connect the call instead of a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, " said Andreas Bernström, CEO of Rebtel.

Rebtel Phone for Windows features:

Low-Cost Calls to Any Phone

As a user of the Windows Phone, the Rebtel app you can browse through your native address book, select any contacts with an international phone number and can started talking within seconds for rates up to 98 % less than an average operator, and up to 60% less than the current Skype Out rates.

Inclusion of Native Address Book

No more syncing contacts mess up your address book or looking for the names of the users I do not remember. Rebtel Windows Phone app seamlessly integrates with native address book, automatically displays the current Rebtel rates to all your contacts and all groups with international numbers to give you a clear view of which you can call for up to 98% less.

Low-Cost SMS

Send low-cost international text messages with friends more then 170 countries with average cost savings of up to 60% compared to your regular operators. If you want your friends to respond to your messages for free, tick the box Reply Collect and include a link to your message that allows the response of your friends through a mobile web page in your choice of tabs.

Every Call Crystal Clear Quality

Thanks to local Rebtel number of network available in over 50 countries around the world, you can save on your international calls anytime, anywhere without having to use a spotty 3G data connection or search for a Wi-Fi hotspot. Instead, use your wireless plan minutes from your operator to call the whole world.

Bernstrom continues, "Our goal is to provide free or low cost international calling as many people as possible throughout the world. In Windows Phone currently holding 5.2% market share, which is predicted to reach the 19.2% by 2016, it was a natural development for us. In recent unveiling of Microsoft Windows Phone 8, we think the platform shows great promise and we are very excited about the announcement that will allow us to continue to make our users happy with whatever device they wish. "

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