Revolabs FLX launches mobile VoIP

Revolabs Inc recently launched the FLX VoIP, the first wireless conference phone designed for networks with VoIP (Voice over IP). Compatible with a variety of IP switches, the VoIP FLX is the only conference phone that keeps the HD audio clarity while offering the freedom of wireless microphones and speakers.

The set of functions available through Revolabs FLX for analog phone lines, is now also available for IP telephony networks, providing unparalleled clarity and flexibility for teleconferences.

The FLX VoIP integrates directly with most IP telephony switches in accordance with the SIP standard. Through this integration, the new features available only through digital switch environments, such as voice mail alerts and "do not disturb," today can be offered with VoIP FLX.

The phone's wireless capabilities allow its use in small conference rooms and medium without installation of any cable. As with FLX for analog phone lines, this system gives a clean and requires less space on the conference table. The microphone, speaker and independent marker of VoIP FLX give users the freedom and flexibility than other conference phone systems can not offer.

"Most companies already operate IP telephony networks, or make the transition very soon," said Martin Bodley, Revolabs CEO.

"Our VoIP FLX helps these companies get the most benefit from their IP infrastructure, offering unparalleled sound quality, simple installation and wireless freedom also allows them to take full advantage of powerful new features of digital systems, all for a value amazing."

With a combination of wireless operation, wideband sound quality, 128-bit encryption and Bluetooth (R) integrated the FLX VoIP conference phone redefines the speakerphone. Unlike the design of a single component of the above solutions, Revolabs FLX VoIP conference phone evolves into several different components, giving users unprecedented freedom regarding the placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphone and keyboard dial.

Available with a range of compatible microphone Revolabs, the VoIP FLX supports a lapel microphone used by a person, an omnidirectional table microphone that picks up sound from six to ten participants, and a directional microphone that can capture table the sound of two to three people.

Because the FLX marker functions as a VoIP phone handset for calls and allows the installation of teleconferencing, there is no need for a desktop and conference phone apart. The Revolabs FLX can also serve as VoIP audio interface for virtually any brand of videoconferencing equipment, making it the ideal unified communications technology for conference rooms of small to medium sized executive offices and small office environments / at home (SoHo). Integrated Bluetooth technology provides a device FLX VoIP unique collaborative regardless of the communication channel is used, allowing users to connect the speakers and microphones to your computer or Bluetooth-enabled phones. The Revolabs FLX VoIP market will be launched worldwide in February 2012 and will be sold through major distributors, dealers and resellers.

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