Samsung Galaxy SIII, the new giant of smartphones

With British punctuality, like any good star that claims to be, the more than two thousand journalists accredited for the media event were able to attend live and direct coming -the most powerful smart phone manufactured by the Korean giant Samsung. It confirmed some of the information brought in and taken over for months, as the size of the device screen, 4.8 inches, becomes the largest in the market for mobile phone.

The president of the mobile division of the Korean company, JK Shin, was commissioned to do the honors and said the Galaxy SIII is "the best mobile phone in the world."

Debunking rumors

The terminal has a display of 4.8 inch AMOLED Super HD technology and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which was what was being rumored in recent days, but at first, the optimists talked of only 4.65 inches. The camera, insiders were betting on a 12-megapixel digital and the product finally came at 8 megapixels, with a capacity not only to record full HD video and snapshots simultaneously, but can also capture up to 20 photos in a period of 3.3 seconds.

As for its dimensions, it is just 8.6 mm thick and weighs 133 grams. It will be sold in black and white. The smartphone will hit the market on 29 May. Samsung has not commented on the sale price, but several specialized portals, suggest that the 16 GB model would be around 600 euros, the 32 GB, 700 euros and 64 GB, 800 euros.


It incorporates a quad-core processor, which gives it a similar power, if not superior to that of a laptop.

Another of the most striking features of the Galaxy SIII is that it is capable of receiving voice commands through the application called S Voice, thanks to which we can send an email or know how long ago, only "by asking" to the smartphone our voice. The iPhone 4S has a similar application, Siri. The difference is that S Voice Apple is not available in multiple languages and Samsung, yes.

The smartphone is also able to run two applications simultaneously, has a proximity sensor and incorporates NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which allows among other things, pay for our purchases approaching the phone.

It also confirms that the last member of the successful family of Galaxy incorporates the newest version of Android, called Ice Cream Sandwich. In terms of connectivity, it supports HSDPA networks, the new Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFiHT40 protocol. T he 2,100 mAh battery can also be recharge using wireless charging.

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