Siemens Enterprise Communications chooses Fortinet technology to ensure its OpenScape Cloud Services

Fortinet, a leading provider of network security, has announced that Siemens Enterprise Communications, a global provider of business communications solutions, has deployed multiple devices such as the FortiGate network security -1240B to ensure its OpenScape Cloud Services.

Fortinet have been chosen to be the only ones able to meet the requirements of Siemens in performance, functionality and reliability. As a provider of communications solutions and voice, Siemens Enterprise Communications offers solutions for unified communications (UC) simple to implement, reliable and safe for any size business.

When Siemens Enterprise Communications OpenScape launched its Cloud Services to expand its voice and UC services to clients using a public cloud, the company sought a communications and IT infrastructure reliable and secure data centers and high availability in Germany and the U.S.

OpenScape demands Cloud Services for security and reliability were very high, as well as performance and scalability. It was also necessary to the security solution was able to provide functionality to support voice over IP (VoIP), CU and application data.

Thanks to the many records obtained in the securing of data environments from corporate customers of Siemens Enterprise Communications, the FortiGate appliances, after a trial period of nine months, were finally chosen to ensure communications services in the cloud.

"The determining factor was the excellent results achieved by Fortinet in previous tests," said Andreas Seum, VP Converged Networks & Security at Siemens Enterprise Communications. "On the other hand, the experience of Fortinet telco market, combined with personalized support, convinced us. From a technical standpoint, the FortiGate appliances have been found to comply with the SIP standard and supports all features of voices and CU applications without the performance or reliability of our communications solutions are affected. "

In Germany and the U.S. Siemens Enterprise Communications has deployed multiple clusters FortiGate-1240B appliances in high availability, ensuring total protection and controlled access to their data centers. The cluster FortiGate firewalls operate as central to the OpenScape Cloud Services offering firewall, VPN, IPS, and SIP VoIP security.

The high performance of the FortiGate appliances enables Siemens Enterprise Communications to comply with all requirements, including high loads during periods of high activity and possible disruptions, without limitation remarkable. With a very low latency, Fortinet appliances are ideal for new voice services provider, not a delay for voice traffic.

"Siemens Enterprise Communications is a customer of Fortinet long so we are very pleased to to secure their new cloud services, "said Patrice Perche, Senior Vice President International Sales & Support at Fortinet. "Our technology integrates key performance features, like VoIP and virtualization security, allowing operators and service providers to ensure their cloud infrastructure and provide reliable services in the cloud."

2 thoughts on “Siemens Enterprise Communications chooses Fortinet technology to ensure its OpenScape Cloud Services

  1. Nice article
    Well most of the USA based VoIP phone service providers like Axvoice, Vonage, have not tried to explore the potential markets like Germany. Siemens is quite young in the VoIP business. It has the capacity to provide the same quality as US VoIP phone service are providing but for that, they will have to work really hard.

    1. Agree
      Agreed, Siemens has the depth of talent and corporate experience to pull it off, I definitely think it is worth watching to see how they fare in 2012/2013. If they get any traction at all, wait to see who else jumps in after them.

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