Sipgate is a universal VoIP app for iPhone and iPad


Even though most German mobile operators do not appreciate VoIP telephony – in the long run however, these companies can not survive without mobile Internet telephony. The provider Sipgate now has a new version of its VoIP app on the iTunes AppStore released by Apple, which runs on both the iPhone and iPod Touch and can be used on the iPad.

The new version 1.8 of the app from VoIP provider Sipgate features, according to the next iPad support, further improvements such as greater stability and greater speed. Requirements to use the VoIP app on iPhone and iPad are the operating system IOS 4.1 and a VoIP connection to Sipgate. The apps’ functionality for Smartphones and Tablets are nearly the same – the only difference though is that the iPhone can also send pictures as faxes.

With the VoIP app from Sipgate, available in the Android Market for Android smartphones, also allows users both on the UMTS network and WLAN at hotspots via Sipgate outgoing rates to make calls. Other functions of the app are Sipgate voicemail, SMS and fax transmission, three-way conferencing and a call log of missed, dialed and received calls. The phone book can be used directly from within the app. The app runs on request in the background so that the user is also on the iPhone or iPad can receive calls at any time on his Sipgate number.

Sipgate is a VoIP service provider based in Germany that also operates in Austria, United Kingdom and, as of June 2009, in the USA.

The service offers free calls between Sipgate users. In addition it offers fee-based calling packages for calls to domestic and international destinations. The service is supported by user accounts on an online portal that assigns free geographical and non-geographical phone numbers. Users may use any Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) client software, SIP analog telephony adapter (ATA), or hardware SIP phones with the service. SIP phones and other associated hardware from a variety of manufacturers are available for sale at the Sipgate web site.

In January 2006, Sipgate began providing their customers short message services (SMS) through their website. Users may set the originating phone number to be that of their mobile phone.

Sipgate's website offers a fax service that provides users the feature of sending faxes. A user may upload a Portable Document Format (PDF) file or compose a document with an online editor application. Certain plans also include an extension for receiving fax documents. Faxes may be downloaded or emailed as a PDF file. With a suitable fax-enabled VoIP adapter faxes may also be sent from fax machines.

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