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Skype introduces handset adapter, cordless phone

A great many people today still continue to use their home phones as their primary means of communication so Skype has rolled out a new home adapter and cordless phone that will make it easier for non-techies to enjoy cheap calls through the company’s VoIP service.

Called FREETALK ConnectMe Home Phone Adapter, it seamlessly connects a normal home landline to a router that enables the user to make and receive Skype phone calls almost as if they were using a traditional landline phone.

Making Skype calls using the adaptor is as easy as using a traditional handset to make calls, the company said in a press statement.  All a user needs to do is connect their home phone, broadband and landline to the phone adapter and they can now enjoy the freedom of making Skype calls anywhere around the house from their home phone. With the adapter, users can also receive Skype to Skype calls from other Skype users on their handset.

The ConnectMe adapter was specifically designed to be hassle-free that anyone, regardless of their technical experience, can use Skype to talk to other Skype users on the variety of supported devices, from a computer, to an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. The adapter can also store up to 100 speed-dial numbers or Skype contacts.

Users will only be required to access their PC for the initial set-up after which no PC is required to make the calls, but only a broadband connection. Once the adapter is set up, you do not have to switch on your computer to make and receive calls because the adapter hooks into the router directly. Skype also added that users will be able to switch between Skype and traditional landline as well.

According to Neil Stevens, Skype’s vice president and general manager for product and marketing, "Our utmost goal is to make Skype readily available everywhere so consumers can enjoy conversations whenever and wherever they are." He also added that the company is happy to have partners that help them deliver on this objective through the release of new products such as the ConnectMe Home Phone Adapter. Stevens also said, “Now, using Skype at home is as simple as picking up a handset and dialing a number."

The device somehow resembles other VoIP products that connect to a phone handset, such as netTALK DUO and Vonage.

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