Skype looks back on past year’s performance

Skype is already at full capacity by 2012, a year that comes with great activity in the technological environment. The company wanted to start the new year with strength and motivation with a review on the highlights and milestones achieved by the service last year.

For Skype, "a good way to start the new year is to look back and highlight some of the key moments in the service." Without doubt, 2011 was one of the most important years in the history of Skype, while 2012 is the main challenge to improve their performance. The company now has the backing of Microsoft and the support of major players like Facebook, but they won’t forget how hard they had to work to get to this point.

The truth is that Skype had a strong start in 2011. During the first three months of the year, Skype came to new devices, acquired a company and embarked on one of the most important VoIP companies. Specifically, in the first quarter they went on to Skype TV by Sony and its range Bravia televisions and Vizio. The company has staked so much on television.

As for the acquisition, Skype managed to purchase Qik. It was part of a fundamental strategic plan of Skype, a company that managed to significantly improve its services on mobile devices. Moreover, in this period Skype launched its Skype in the classroom, focusing on connecting teachers and students around the world. This project has been a constant support by the company, which has high hopes for its development.

If the start of the year was positive, the second quarter was instrumental in the history of Skype. In spring 2011, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Skype, which from that moment Skype was absorbed into a division in Microsoft.

The merger ended with weeks of rumors about Copani interested in acquiring the VoIP service. For Skype, the agreement represented a step forward and became part of one of the largest companies in the world. Since then, little by little, Skype has been introduced in the structure of the Redmond company.

Mid-2011 also saw the first fruits of Skype's bid for the mobile sector. The service began to allow VoIP calls on devices via 3G iPhone, and had the option of video calls to Android.

The upward trend of Skype mobile world remained in the third quarter of 2011, at which time the company launched an application optimized for the iPad. With this application, Skype managed to settle in the systems 'smartphones' most popular and the 'tablet' market leader. Since then, the company releases constant updates on their mobile applications.

However, the third quarter of 2011 in Skype activity was marked by another ad. The company and Facebook announced a partnership that had the potential for Skype video calls to Facebook and social interaction between Facebook contacts to Skype. In this way, users received the possibility to make video calls through the social network, while from the Skype application could check their Facebook accounts.

Regarding the end of last year, Skype activity continued but without as many innovations as previous months. The company continued to adapt the organization chart of Microsoft but never lost sight of their interests. Thus, Skype managed to grab GroupM. With instant messaging and consolidated, the company became one of the services that best match for WhatsApp sounded like.

Over the last months of 2011, Skype is dedicated to enhancing its service as a communication tool so that people could keep in touch with loved ones no matter the distance. Initiatives such as Wi-Fi points and special campaigns Skype activity took a clean sweep in the month of December.

This 2012, Skype aims to continue improving and providing quality services to its customers. "Looking forward in 2012, we remain committed to provide and improve the Skype experience through each device and platform as we embark on our journey as a member of the Microsoft family, bringing together the best of the best of Microsoft and Skype," explained the company.

Given the success of last year Skype has it hard, but since the company has said that "continue to improve its software to make it part of everyday communications."

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