Skype registration reaches 35 million users

Far from being obsolete, the most popular VoIP tool in the Internet continues to set records. Skype, in the hands of Microsoft, has today brought together 35 million Internet users. This breaks current figures and shows the full potential of VoIP service continues.

Skype announced on their official blog a new record in its service. Specifically, Skype has said that 35 million users worldwide simultaneously used its VoIP system, surpassing one million the highest record achieved so far.

Skype’s VoIP service has become one of the most used by users around the world. Skype has worked to get the best possible systems and devices and thus facilitating the use of this service. This effort has borne fruit in recent months; Skype has broken several records on the use of its service.

That amount was reached last Monday and the Skype guys talking about this feat on its official blog and invite users to share their love of Skype through hashtag #IloveSkype:

    "35 million users registered at once a week after announcing the record 34 million applications. Thus, since Skype is excited to see that more and more people choose to Skype every day. "

Such a volume of concurrent users allowed Skype to assess its size in terms of number of users that arrives. In addition, you can also highlight the efforts of Skype to improve their systems to deliver optimal communication to so many people around the world.

"We on Skype are very excited to see that more and more people choose Skype around the world every day to share that special time with friends, family and coworkers, " according to a Skype spokesman. The company's goal is to continue this line and may soon announce another new record for simultaneous use of its service.

This announcement comes days after Microsoft submitted the beta version of Skype for Windows Phone, a task that the company said was long overdue.

 Skype was acquired by Microsoft in 2011 for the astounding sum of U.S. $ 8.5 billion and the company has already begun work on the implementation of this technology on their platforms like Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox.

Skype is available for computers with Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Nokia, Windows Phone and other services and devices such as smart TVs. In turn, Skype has been integrated with Facebook to offer video calls from the social network, or even connect Facebook users through VoIP software.

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