Skype to hire 400 new employees

Skype seems to go from strength to strength and is looking for new staff. Specifically, the company now owned by Microsoft is hosting a recruitment drive to expand its workforce by 400 people. In principle, most of the positions to be filled are for their offices in London and Stockholm, but soon will hire new staff for other cities. Once all the new positions are filled, Skype expects to have 1,600 employees worldwide.

The global economic crisis is also affecting the technology sector, but in different ways. While companies like Yahoo! are facing a total restructuring of its business and the possible layoff of 2,000 workers, other companies are enjoying growth. The British government's desire to monitor people using its services did not influence Skype's decision.

According to media reports, Skype has decided to hire 400 new workers for their offices, mainly to Europe. The company is growing and increasingly provides better data use and users. The VoIP service has been extended to mobile devices and also closely linked with Facebook, factors that are helping their success.

Skype plans to hire workers go mainly to its offices in London and Stockholm. However, these contracts will be extended to other countries and could affect cities such as Tallinn, Prague and Palo Alto, USA. Much of this recruitment policy is that Skype is developing a new data center in London. To mark this new office, the company will extend the posts in the British city by 40 percent, reaching up to 330.

The company plans to have completed the first stage of the hiring process by the end of June. Skype's vice-president of product and design Rick Osterloh told the press the new jobs would cover software engineering, product management and design. It will be limited mainly to find software engineers and designers. The search for these profiles will begin immediately and is expected to be settled in time for the early summer months.

"We have one project about 'big data', which is about making use of data that our VoIP users generate when using the product to improve the quality of the products we offer," said Osterloh. "We also have a number of initiatives we are working on in the web area, and we are hiring some positions for our newly formed Xbox gaming division."

Skype's move show that it is not overly concerned about the UK government's intention to give the country's security services increased access to internet data.

UK’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has specifically identified Skype as one of the services that the government wants to be monitored closely.

A press statement from Skype said that: "We are not in any position to comment on the UK government's proposed legislation. We do of course strictly comply with legislation in all countries in which we operate."

Skype's use of peer-to-peer technology or VoIP for its call and instant-messaging services means that it does not store the contents of communications on its servers, and so could not hand the information over unless it changed its IT systems.

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