Skype updated its mobile application for iPhone and iPad to try to improve user experience

Skype has announced the upgrade of its mobile application for iPhone and iPad. The company has introduced new features like the ability to move the video preview and improvements in performance and design of various elements. Terminal users with the IOS operating system 4.3 and later can now update the application.

VoIP services through wireless devices may be one of the trends that exploit this 2012. Skype is one of the best known companies that offer this service and may be key to the popularization of VoIP in the mobile world. Given the role it can play, Skype is working hard on refining and expanding its presence on mobile devices. The company recently launched Vita PS application and not to improve their app for the rest of service.

The last example of the work of Skype has been updating its application for Apple's mobile devices. The company has updated its application for iPhone and iPad to try to improve their experience. According to Skype, the latest version of your app includes improvements such as the ability to move the video preview and new initiatives designed to improve accessibility to the content.

Skype also has worked to improve the stability of the app and that should be cut unexpectedly restarts automatically. The aim is to improve the user experience and correct failures that could occur in the previous version.

In addition, users will find that the application has received a real facelift, which can be seen in a new logon screen and small improvements in the user interface. These changes, though small, promise to give a new look to the Skype app for IOS.

The update is available and can be downloaded or installed on iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone and iPod touch. To use Skype users will have to have the IOS operating system version 4.3 for iPhone or later.

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