snom Phones compatible for use with Interactive Intelligence Unified Business Communications Solutions

The snom 3xx series has been validated by Interactive Intelligence for use with the company’s all-in-one IP communications software suite for contact centers and enterprises. snom technology announced today that its snom 3xx series IP desktop phones have passed interoperability testing for use with Interactive Intelligence’s all-in-one IP communications software suite, the Customer Interaction Center (CIC).

Interactive Intelligence chief marketing officer, Joe Staples said the combination of snom phones and CIC provides contact centers and enterprises an advanced, cost-effective, and easily deployed SIP-based unified communications solution from which to manage dozens to even hundreds of individual endpoints.

He said, "We have worked very closely with snom for some years to ensure our joint customers get a reliable solution. With snom’s completion of interoperability testing, these solutions today offer our joint customers additional support resources for even faster deployment and user satisfaction.”

snom’s wide selection of VoIP phones includes advanced IP phones such as the snom 3xx series, full-color touchscreen desktop phones such as the snom 870, wireless DECT phones such as the m9 and related endpoints, such as the MeetingPoint conference phone. The VoIP phone maker developed one of VoIP industry’s first SIP-based solutions for endpoints and as a remarkable result, all snom endpoints are built on one of the most mature SIP stacks available in the market, allowing for simple installation, industry-wide interoperability and crystal-clear sound quality.

As unified communications systems have proliferated throughout the recent years, the advanced technology and open standards in every snom product has proven to be an ideal partner for providing enterprises with cost-effective and feature-rich IP telephony.

“snom has been committed from its inception to interoperability and this important partnership is yet another example of how snom can help make IP telephony deployments better and easier in all kinds of environments,” stated Michael Storella, chief operating officer for snom technology.

“As a market leader in unified communications for both call centers and enterprises, we are very pleased and most honored to have our various products certified by Interactive Intelligence, and we hope to continue our work with them as the industry continues to grow rapidly.”

Interactive Intelligence carefully designed CIC as a scalable, standards-based, single-platform solution that effectively delivers comprehensive multi-channel applications less the high cost and complexity offered by multipoint products.

snom technology AG develops and builds VoIP phones and related equipment based on the IETF open standard and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

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