T-Mobile says its Bobsled app has new functions

T-Mobile USA recently launched a mobile version of its Bobsled web-based calling app. The application will work on any iOS device, from the iPhone to the iPad, as well as Android smartphones and tablets. Aside from mobile devices, the new Bobsled functionality will also allow users benefit from a seamless way to call Facebook friends from most desktop browsers.

Also Bobsled offers users free VoIP-based calling to any mobile or landline phone number in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico from the desktop browser of users both inside and outside the United States.

Brad Duea, senior vice president, T-Mobile USA, said in a press release, “Earlier this 2011 we brought voice to social networking with Bobsled for Facebook. Now we are expanding the capabilities of Bobsled, enabling users to easily communicate with friends from anywhere on the Web and even dial out for free to mobile and landline numbers.”

“Users can also now move on to Bobsled from Android phones and tablets as well as from Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. Bobsled allows users to be heard across all borders, websites, carriers and platforms,” Duea noted.

For T-Mobile, Bobsled provides them a reach beyond its own customer base. The carrier also plans to eventually run advertisement to generate revenues, although it is more concerned with adoption at this point in time. Down the line, T-Mobile plans to charge for connecting certain calls.

The release of Bobsled's mobile app comes as the carrier continues to wrestle with the loss of its most valuable contract customers. It also faces the potential takeover by AT&T, although the Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit to block the deal.

Company execs said that on signing into Bobsled on their browser, users will be able to call, message or voice message with their Facebook friends at any time while using their Mac or PC. There is no need for manual dialing. The user has to just click on a friend’s name to start a conversation. The need to remember screen names is removed and there is no need to input phone numbers.

Users have to simply click the phone icon in order to start a call with friends and family or message via Facebook Chat. Users have to open Bobsled from their browser on a Mac or PC and dial a number using an open Internet connection besides being able to add mobile or landline numbers to their existing Facebook friends and contacts.

Internet sources revealed that Bobsled is now available from the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch besides also from the Android Market for Android smartphones and tablets. Users can also call or voice message their Facebook friends from their mobile device for free at this time.

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