Telefónica launches Tu Me, your WhatsApp with VoIP calls and messages

Telefónica has announced the launch of Tu Me, a free application that allows users to communicate and share information through a smartphone. You may say that Telefonica has just launched its own WhatsApp, although with VoIP calls. For now, it is only available to iPhone, but soon to be on Android devices.

Tu Me is now available for free download from the Apple App Store. Currently only available for IOS, but the application still being developed to incorporate new features in the future and is working on a version for Android.

This is the first service focused directly to consumers and the first time that Telefónica offers a product worldwide, not only in countries where it operates. In fact the application is in English, and the first complaints in reviews from the App Store are about this.

The communications director of Telefonica, Jamie Finn, said on his Twitter account in response to tweet:  "Digital Phone is in London" and therefore "think in English."

Users can exchange text messages, free VoIP calls, leave voice messages and share photos or location information. However, the service suffers a major flaw, as the sending of videos is not included unlike WhatsApp.

Interactions with others are recorded in the form of 'timeline' for reference – easily browse them or search the conversation history.

The service can be used free on iPhones worldwide, regardless of network operator and operates both through a mobile data plan or Wi-Fi.

It is shocking that a service that holds out the prospect of being "a comprehensive communicator all in one" is not available for other mobile operating systems. In this sense, Finn has confirmed that the company is working on the Android version. Already being tested and scheduled for launch in the coming weeks.

The Telefonica commercial director, Stephen Shurrock, said that Telefonica has realized that the communication apps are experiencing a growing popularity. "Tu me also shows that telecommunications companies can innovate and act as fast as mobile application developers," said Shurrock.

The application appears to be trending, the company must also learn how people react when downloading it – what phone they have and how successful the application is accessing data.

Anybody can send an invitation to a friend. You should enter your email next to the contact number on the app. TU Me offers a customer self-service, community-based forum for asking questions and getting answers.

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