TiVo goes IPTV with Swedish operator Com Hem

TiVo has its very first pure IPTV play. Com hem of Swedish IPTV provider has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the US-based company DVR under which Com Hem’s 1.74 million connected households have access to traditional TV content, VoD, OTT and applications by traditional TV viewing methods.

In addition, Com Hem will use TiVo technology material "beyond the traditional set-top smartphone tablet by TiVo, and browser-based experience."

Just based on numbers, the agreement means that almost half of all Swedish viewers could easily have intimate knowledge of the TiVo's ability as Com Hem, which has been pushing its broadband triple-play and data speeds up to 200 Mbps, owns about 40 percent of the Swedish pay-TV market.

"TiVo is a significant part of our future plans which will redefine our subscriber base with features such as TV everywhere, remote recording, the universal search, intelligent recommendations and access to a wide range of third party interactive applications, " Com Hem CEO Tomas Franzen said in a press statement.

TiVo has been chosen as the "most compelling answer" to the desire of companies to provide a full suite of linear television services, VoD and broadband content (including OTT), Franzen said, noting that the company reviewed a number of alternatives. "

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers hailed the agreement. "Com Hem market leading broadband service is the perfect match for TiVo, which prides itself on delivering a true combination of traditional and next-generation television," Rogers said in news release.

For TiVo, which Rogers added, the deal is "a significant step forward … as it is the first time TiVo offers its services in conjunction with a network of IPTV, highlighting our ability to offer the TiVo experience by any type of delivery of video and any type of device. "

Com Hem powered by TiVo has set a smarter standard for television viewing. With TiVo, Com Hem is launching not only a new way of looking at television, but a new way to view content, anytime, anywhere on any device. Some key features are:

    One-Stop Shop where customers are hard to navigate all of digital entertainment content available on the market the most compelling user interface with many devices;

    Universal Search will enable subscribers to search all content including linear TV, VOD, PPV and OTT / gaming service, where the results are elegant sorted by popularity and relevance as against the alphabet;

    The TiVo service is so smart, that the system can learn what the subscriber wants to watch and automatically record the recommendations in the free space on hard drive;

    TiVo iwill provide a user experience of TiVo that allows subscribers to access their content on mobile devices (tablets and smartphone) and via the Internet in Sweden regardless of whether the content is sourced from the cloud or set-top-box; TiVo solutions of Com Hem is planned for market launch in spring 2013.

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