Top Stories of the Week – April 14, 2012

Voip-Pal in final steps to acquiring intellectual property, an international VoIP telecom company, announced that it is in the final phase of negotiations to acquire intellectual property pertaining to both wholesale and retail VoIP mobile applications. This acquisition will greatly improve shareholder value and add to significant revenue growth for

The patents are VoIP related for Mobile applications, gateways, billing and much more. All of the patents are currently in use in the highly profitable VoIP services market which is projected to hit US$74.5 billion in 2015.

Android IPTV moves in to hotel TV market

The first hotel interactive IPTV system based on the NetUP IPTV Combine 4x Hotel with Android IP set-top boxes has been successfully installed in Hotel Dubrovnik located in the center of the Croatian capital Zagreb.

NetUP IPTV Combine 4x installed in hotel enables guests to access TV and Video on Demand content using user-friendly and feature-rich GUI of Android-based IP set-top boxes.

Swisscom enhances IPTV and mobile TV

Video systems vendor Harmonic has stated that Switzerland’s fixed line incumbent and triple-play service provider, Swisscom, has carefully chosen its ‘ProMedia Live’ real-time multiscreen transcoding platform and ‘NMX Digital Service Manager’ to give high definition (HD) video streams for IPTV and mobile TV services. The enhancement will enable the telco to significantly increase the number of live channels it delivers, enabling it to keep up with rising demand.

Sony Mobilestarts Android 4.0 update for Xperia smartphones

Sony Mobile has rolled out the Android 4.0 update for its Xperia smartphones, company said in a blog post. The current update release however is limited to Nordic countries, while other global markets including India will be getting the updates in the coming days.

Sony Mobile has also announced that it is only updating Sony Xperia arc S, neo V and Ray smartphone in the current phase, while Xperia arc, Xperia Play, Xperia neo, Xperia mini, Xperia mini pro, Xperia pro, Xperia active and Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman smartphones will get the update in the next phase. The upgrade is expected to begin in May or early June.

Smartphone applications can help lighten college life

In previous years, “smartphone” mania has swept across college campuses. Almost everyone carries around an iPhone or an Android phone. Today, we basically carry around our entire lives in our back pockets. For many students, these devices seem very necessary, not only for phone calls and text messages, but also for other shortcuts throughout their daily lives. There are certain apps that are vital for college students.

First, you must have the trifecta of social networking: Facebook, Twitter and Skype. With these three apps, there is no reason you’ll miss anything happening on campus or back home. They can be a tempting distraction at two in the morning when you are trying to finish a paper, but with a little self-control and maybe turning off your phone for the night, you will survive.

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