Top Stories of the Week – August 13, 2011

Mobile operators steadily accept VoIP as Skype comes to iPad

The launching late last week of a Skype service that will run on the iPad has left the mobile industry questioning the impact of over-the-top voice services on mobile operators, particularly with the demand for VoIP growing.

According to research company, Analysys Mason, 20% of smartphone users in developed markets have downloaded a mobile VoIP application, 4% of which are active users.

Customers being able to use Skype to make free voice and video calls over 3G and WiFi networks brings a potential revenue threat to operators, but most have now moved away from strategies that involved blocking it and other VoIP offerings.

Telchemy introduces VoIP/ Videoconferencing Performance Monitoring Agents for Android

Telchemy Incorporated, a provider of VoIP and IP Video performance management technology, today launches SQlive for Android, an agent for mobile handsets that measures the user perceived quality of standards based VoIP and Videoconferencing services and DVQattest for Android, an active test agent for mobile handsets.

Both SQlive and DVQattest uses a wide range of diagnostic data, giving service providers near real time visibility of service quality.

Google’s lower VoIP pricing puts pressure on Skype to do the same

Skype has been making news since the company was acquired by Microsoft.  Skype is getting mobile apps for just about every smartphone out there and also some tablet computers.  Today, about a year after Google decided to merge Google Voice with Gmail, Google is reducing the rates and bringing VoIP to more than 38 countries. Google made calls within the United States and Canada free for the whole of 2011 and calling other countries was only going to cost 2 cents per minute.

Russian company develop first Android-based IPTV solution

NetUP is the first company to develop an Android-based IPTV solution, for Android, which is the client for NetUP IPTV Middleware. The new and versatile graphical user interface has been designed to allow users to enjoy all IPTV features: TV channels with pause and rewind options, TV on Demand, Electronic Program Guide, Video on Demand and many others. The app can be launched on any Android-based IP set-top box.

Nvidia is poised to make serious money on its latest mobile processor

It has been reported that graphics chip maker, Nvidia, has high hopes for its Tegra mobile processor. The company’s forecast for its upcoming third-quarter revenue was even more optimistic than the expectations of Wall Street insiders, thanks to the company’s confidence in its Tegra smartphone processor.

The company predicts 4 percent to 6 percent revenue growth for the third quarter this year, putting its forecast revenue somewhere north of US$1.06 billion.

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