Top Stories of the Week – August 4, 2012

Global IPTV subscriptions expected to triple

A new report from Digital TV Research assessed the growth will be driven by China, which will see a amazing increase from the present 14 million to some 77 million in 2017, representing 47% of the global market.

Simon Murray, report author, supposed: “Some may be surprised to see the United States in second place by 2017 with 14.4 million subscriptions. US telecoms are aggressively marketing their IPTV products, with both Fios and U-Verse appearing in the top 10 pay TV operators.”

Of the 114 million subscribers to be added between 2011 and 2017, some 86 million will be from the Asia-Pacific region – or three-quarters of the new subscribers. India will be supplying 7.2 million more IPTV subscribers, up from a very low base at end-2011.

Not the greatest country for IPTV networks

HBO's drama "The Newsroom" relys on the premise that cable news anchor Will McAvoy started his career as an opinionated, tell-it-like-it-is "journalist" when offered with a question by an inexperienced college student who inferred that the United States is the "greatest country in the world."

Globe Telecom ventures into VoIP for US calls

Globe Telecom, Inc. has started its venture into offering voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) platform for calls from the United States after it tapped New Jersey-based firm Vonage Holdings Corporation.

“We are happy to begin VoIP with Vonage Holdings our first foray into the VoIP arena for inbound calling from the US,” says Rizza Maniego-Eala, group head for international business for Globe Telecom, in a media statement.

MWEB presents VoIP calls

MWEB has releaseed an internet call service that offers discounted calls to both landline and mobile phone numbers.

The service, MWEB Talk, will always be free between users and significantly discounted when calling cellphones and landline numbers over ADSL connections.

"We have seen a obvious transformation in users' internet behaviour with consumers wanting services that complement their ADSL connectivity solution," stated Carolyn Holgate the general manager of MWEB Connect.

SolarWinds reinforces VoIP Performance Monitoring and Proactive WAN Performance Analysis in Its Network Management Portfolio

The need for reasonably priced, easy-to-use VoIP performance monitoring solutions is increasing considerably as more organizations adopt a unified communications strategy. SolarWinds, a provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, recently reveal the upcoming release of SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager, formerly known as SolarWinds IP SLA Manager, to assist IT professionals maintain the highest level of VoIP network performance and voice quality.

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