Top Stories of the Week – December 17, 2011

Upgraded MO-Call iPhone VoIP application released

MO-Call’s popular application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad has been updated and it is available for download from App Store or through iTunes. The new app has improved call quality and it is adaptable to different sorts of wireless internet connections.

All iPhone users will be able to experience the full range of MO-Call features, including free or cheap local and international VoIP calling, sending low-cost SMS or sending quick IM, improved call quality and much more.

ShoreTel, Ruckus partner on mobile unified communications

Wireless systems maker Ruckus Wireless and ShoreTel, a provider of simple IP phone systems, plans to deliver a starter kit for mobile unified communications, combining WiFi and voice over IP products, which is specifically designed for the small to medium-size businesses.

The Ruckus ZoneFlex Smart Wireless LAN offering is a verified system within the ShoreTel Innovation Network, guaranteeing coordination between the two platforms for end-to-end interoperability.

BT Openreach offers infrastructure for improved IP telephony set-up

UK Businesses will be in a position to add new and improved IP telephony and other telecommunications devices to their system, provided by Openreach's latest rollout.

The firm has announced it has added some 178 exchanges to its network of fibre-optic broadband.

With the many of these set to go live in 2012, companies do not have too long to wait before they can take advantage, perhaps by running IP telephony solutions on the fast and efficient platform.

Mobile carriers claim consumer consent to carrier IQ spying

US citizens consented to secretly installed software on about 150 million mobile phones that logs what applications they use and what websites they visit and who they communicate with, according to mobile phone makers and carriers.

Sprint, AT&T, HTC and Samsung told Senator Al Franken of Minnesota recently that their end-user licensing agreements authorize them to use Carrier IQ software to monitor application deployment, battery life, phone CPU output and data and cell-site connectivity.

The companies have distributed the software on handsets for several years now. However it had only received public attention last month when a Connecticut researcher publicized its presence on YouTube. The ensuing anger over the video prompted Franken to demand answers from the mobile carriers.

Charter includes SIP trunking for voice to its business portfolio

Charter Communications this December will begin deploying SIP trunking for Internet Protocol-based phone service to business customers in US states, Wisconsin and Missouri.

"Charter Business SIP Trunking will allow customers with an IP-PBX phone system to take advantage of their IP capabilities by integrating data and voice over the same access connection," Charter Business senior vice president Jim McGann stated in a press release. "Our SIP trunking solution simplifies often complicated configuration, reduces equipment costs and makes moves, additions or modifications very simple to the user."

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