Top Stories of the Week – February 11, 2012

Cheap VoIP service propel Rebtel to 15M users

Rebtel, the second-largest VoIP calling company behind Skype, announced major milestones recently that prove consumers just can’t get enough of cheap phone calls.

The company said that it has surpassed 15 million connected users since its launch in 2006. Rebtel users have made over 500 million calls on the service and have run up over two billion minutes of international calls.

Rebtel offers mobile and desktop PC applications that let its users call each other for free, or make inexpensive calls to international numbers. The company’s service is also accessible through any landline or mobile phone without an application. Rebtel just recently released version 2.0 of its iPhone version, which added a first-ever feature to let you hop between voice and data networks during a VoIP call.

ITP VoIP urges seniors to explore VoIP call benefits

VoIP call provider ITP VoIP is currently highlighting its broadband phone service for seniors. Featuring low-cost plans, quick installation time and general ease of use, ITP VoIP’s IP telephony service is particularly well-suited to seniors who operate on a budget and are not comfortable with complicated technology. VoIP call service combines simplicity and cost-efficiency with the freedom of individual customization, making it a universally accessible communication option; compare VoIP to traditional telephone and cable services, and the savings can top over US$100 per month.

Google smartphone wallets users warned of vulnerability threat

Users of Google smartphone wallets were being warned recently that there is a way to crack pass codes intended to thwart thieves from going on illicit shopping sprees.

Zvelo Labs researcher Joshua Rubin was featured in a web video at the company's website showing software that quickly figures out a Google Wallet personal identification number (PIN), provided the hacker has the smartphone.

Rubin said that Google has been advised to the vulnerability and is moving swiftly to fix it. He has not made his wallet "Cracker" application public.

Siemens eyes North American unified communications market

Siemens Enterprise Communications, which has long been a small player in the North American market, has undergone a restructuring and has aggressively pursued high-profile business deals to improve its standing in the UC market for a wide array of unified communications and corporate telephony technology.

The move is starting to show some results, said Chris Hummel, the president for North American operations of Siemens Enterprise Communications. Siemens Enterprise Communications is a partial spin-off from the head company Siemens AG, the German-based conglomerate.

IPsmarx launches RAPID Multi-Tenant Cloud Based IP-PBX System

IPsmarx Technology, a provider of feature rich VoIP applications for the carrier and enterprise, recently launched the RAPID IP-PBX system. Specifically designed for resellers and installers of conventional CPE-based systems who are searching for a way to offer hosted VoIP services, RAPID IP-PBX is the all-in-one platform for delivering these services to the SMB market.

With the insatiable demand for cloud-based telephony, VoIP service providers need better ways to administer, deploy, and manage their offerings. Service providers searching for ways to deliver hosted IP PBX solutions to their customers typically face very expensive start-up costs or used systems that lacked in necessary features and manageability. Their IP-PBX solves this challenge at a fraction of the typical cost.

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