Top Stories of the Week – July 21, 2012

Blackbelt TV finalizes deal to launch with Canalsat in 51 countries

Blackbelt TV is taking its distribution fight across the globe. The mixed martial arts channel has pinned a distribution agreement with Canalsat, the subscription TV and IPTV service that will see it launch in 51 nations in most of Europe and Africa.

The agreement, financial terms of which were not yet disclosed, will start with a phased rollout, beginning in France on Sept. 18. All of the telecasts will be delivered in French.

Microsoft’s mods to Skype could ease wiretapping

VoIP, the voice-over-IP communications technology that is slowly making POTS landlines outdated. SIP providers, VoIP applications, and messaging platforms all use VoIP to provide voice calling on PCs, phones, and mobile devices. Currently one of the most popular VoIP applications is the Skype messaging service. Skype uses a peer-to-peer network of internet nodes to route voice and/or video calls between users around the world. Especially in the case of consumer-grade VoIP, it is considerably cheaper than a traditional landline for voice calls, and it can potentially bring better sound quality. Another area where VoIP services like Skype excel is as a communication platform for criminals. Thanks to the fast pace of technology and the use of a peer-to-peer connection, Skype is a honest platform to communicate without fear of others listening in, to an extent.

Virtual PBX makes business VoIP readily accessible and cheap for any business

Virtual PBX declares new business VoIP packages that make VoIP and advanced digital phone services reasonably priced to companies of any size. Innovation and economies of scale within the business VoIP market have allowed Virtual PBX to reduce plan costs by up to 70 percent.

In addition to its spectacular reduction in pricing, Virtual PBX is also offering the choice for its customers to further reduce costs by paying for a year in advance, with annual plans starting at just US$8.99 per month.

Now TV could be BSkyB’s low-risk revolution in the IPTV industry

BSkyB will fret Netflix and set sail for new pay-TV growth in the post-satellite age soon, when it switches on its internet-only new Now TV service – its largest digital gambit to date.

But this launch is only a fractional and low-risk debut version of what, in time, could become a important, era-defining strategy for the operator.

Sky's new Now TV service set to defy Netflix, LoveFilm

BSkyB will take direct competitive aim at over-the-top providers Netflix and's LoveFilm when it launches its new Internet-TV service, Now TV soon.

The Now TV launch will begin broadcasting movies for a subscription price of £15 a month or individual views at pricing ranging between 99 pence and £3.49 and develop from there, the service provider said.

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