Top Stories of the Week – July 7, 2012

Dishworld IPTV's new Roku players bring in a new future for IPTV live streaming

Dishworld IPTV recently said its partnership with Roku and the rollout of new Roku players to be used for Dishworld’s live streaming international TV via internet protocol to subscribers’ TV sets. Designed to be used with Dishworld IPTV’s many subscription plans, the Roku player allows subscribers to watch streaming television anywhere and everywhere in the home if they have a high-speed wireless broadband connection and a Dishworld subscription.

Cheap Voip, Inc collaborates with Future Nine Corporation to offer wholesale VoIP

Cheap Voip, a provider of low cost VOIP service, has partnered with Future Nine Corporation, a provider of VOIP phone service – to offer wholesale VOIP termination to businesses and consumers worldwide.

Recognizing the drive by consumers to looking for more affordable alternatives for their communication needs because of high cost of international calls and the global recession, Cheap Voip, Inc. has launched wholesale VOIP service for consumers and individuals. By partnering with Future Nine – an existing VOIP phone service provider – Cheap Voip Inc. is able to leverage Future Nine's existing infrastructure and experience to deliver quality and problem-free service to customers world-wide.

South Korean telcos gets approval to charge extra for mobile VoIP Apps

In a move that has critics crying that it is ignoring net neutrality principles, the Korea Communications Commission said last week that it will let three local mobile operators, SK Telecom, KT and LG U+, charge users extra fees for VOIP applications or block their use entirely.

Windows Phone 8 VoIP and video chat support will enable apps to be built-in

There has been plenty of talk about when Skype on the Windows Phone would be updated to run in the background, and if it would also ever be built-in to the Windows Phone. Windows Phone 8 will actually bring VoIP and video chat support to all supported devices. This was announced recently as a feature of Windows Phone 8, so it seems current devices may not ever see Skype run in the background the same way it will on Windows Phone 8.

IPTV service YouView bows in U.K.: Set-top boxes to go on sale this month

A new U.K. free-to-air IPTV service, YouView is finally ready for launch after a string of delays. The first commercially available set-top boxes will be available in time for the Olympics, said YouView chairman Alan Sugar recently. Manufactured by Humax, the box will retail at $466. However, boxes will not be widely available in stores until the fall, when boxes from two other manufacturers will be available. These are likely to be subsidized by BT and TalkTalk, and sold as part of their phone, broadband and TV packages. At that point a $75.4 million marketing campaign will kick into action, said Sugar.

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