Top Stories of the Week – June 11, 2011

Wireless charging market gets sales boost from Mobile VoIP phones

VoIP phones with wireless handsets are often supplied with a charging dock, allowing the batteries to be restored to full power at any time during which the unit is not in use for a call. However, by some time VoIP phones could be charged without the need for a direct circuit connection between the handset and the mains.

According to electronics industry analyst iSuppli, mobile phones of all types are among the trailblazing categories for the technology, which aims to resolve the age-old issue of tangled wires trailing from mains sockets.

Microsoft TV, Apple iCloud both announced their video roll-out

Apple and Microsoft both were on tap to make big announcements last June 6. Microsoft was said to be ready to roll out a virtual cable offering at the E3 confab, complete with new content offerings, voice control and maybe even a road map for a big OTT play. Apple, meanwhile, announced to the press that it was planning to reveal its cloud offering (with the very predictable moniker "iCloud)" at its Worldwide Developer's Conference, and there were plenty of talk flying that it would include a streaming video component, perhaps even a competitor to Netflix, and, at the very least deliver an expanded role for videos in iTunes.

Avaya prepares for $1 Billion IPO

Avaya, which makes data and telecommunications network equipment for companies to enable such technology as unified communications, is expected to file plans for an initial public offering (IPO) of stock targeted to raise $1 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported recently.

In essence, it's not really an "initial" public offering because Avaya was spun off as a separate public company in 2000 from Lucent, formerly known as AT&T Technologies. In 2007, Avaya was acquired by two private equity firms, TPG and Silver Lake Partners, for $8.2 billion. According to the Journal, this latest IPO would value Avaya at $5 billion or more, which is about 40% less than the private equity firms paid for it four years ago.

3G broadband touted to be the fastest-growing wireless technology ever

Mobile broadband connections using the most popular advanced 3G technology (HSPA) will reach 500 million this month, making it the fastest-growing wireless technology ever, industry group GSMA said on Wednesday. Fast demand for smartphones, Web-connected tablets and mobile dongles, or gadgets that enable access to broadband service, will lift the number of users to more than 1 billion by the end of next year, GSMA said.

Mobile broadband connections have been one of the few growth drivers for telecom operators in developed markets, were revenue growth from traditional voice calls has stalled.

Worldwide IPTV subscriptions totaled 35 million homes last 2010

A further 338 million homes worldwide took up digital TV services between 2006 and 2010, according to a new report from Digital TV Research, taking the total for the 73 countries covered by the report to 576 million.

Penetration of digital TV services climbed from 18.9% at the end of 2006 to 42.5% at the end of last year, although only Finland was completely digital, according to the report. There were an estimated 203mn homes worldwide subscribing to digital cable TV services by the end of 2010, followed by 139mn homes subscribing to pay digital DTH, and 97mn receiving free digital DTH. Pay IPTV services meanwhile are thought to have reached 35mn subscribers globally.

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