Top Stories of the Week – June 16, 2012

New VoIP solutions make landlines less critical

VoIP solutions use already existing home or office Internet connections so you can make cost-effective local and international voice calls.

Popular VoIP solutions like Skype can already use microphones and speakers built into PCs, but a newer breed of IP telephony products offer the same benefits but without the need for a desktop PC.

Dell Canada and Fongo launched, Dell Voice – a free, full feature VoIP phone alternative that may help people save money on their mobile phone bills.

Users of Android and iOS mobile devices can now avoid costly long-distance charges and daytime calling restrictions from their wireless carrier by receiving and placing calls to landline and mobile phones using the new Dell Voice.

Androids outsell iOS, however Apple has the backing of loyal mobile app developers

Smartphones running Google's Android operating system currently outsell iPhones more than two to one. And yet, even as Google's system has dominated market share, Apple has held onto one critical advantage – the unwavering oyalty of mobile app developers.

Many app developers have continued to make applications first, and sometimes only, for Apple’s iPhones. They find it easier to develop software for Apple devices than for ones running Android, or it may be more lucrative.

Seton Hall Freshmen receives free Nokia Lumia 900 smartphones

Seton Hall University freshmen will be easily discernible this fall as they walk around their campus tapping out texts and making phone calls on their university-provided Nokia Lumia 900 smartphones.

As part of Seton Hall's Mobile Computing Initiative, Nokia, AT&T, Microsoft and the university recently partnered to bring smartphones to all students of the class of 2016.

Telecom NZ signs wholesale UFB agreement with Northpower Fiber

Telecom New Zealand has recently announced that it has signed a wholesale services agreement with Northpower Fiber which will enable it to deliver fiber-based services to the Whangarei region. Northpower was one of the few non-Telecom NZ companies to be awarded a government contract by Crown Fibre Holdings last May 2011, as part of the country’s Ultra Fast Broadband initiative.

Eurozone problems hit Chinese telecoms

Chinese telecom companies will encounter some difficulties in Europe in the short term because of economic uncertainties and political risks, veteran analysts said.

The eurozone debt crisis is already having a negative impact on the world’s telecom industry. Telefonica SA, the biggest telecom company in Spain, said recently it would seek to sell a 4.56 percent stake in China Unicom to its parent company for about US$1.41 billion in hopes of reducing debt.

Just a few months ago, Cesar Alierta, chief executive officer of Telefonica, told reporters during Mobile World Congress 2012 that he wanted to keep the China Unicom stake indefinitely as it was a long-term strategic alliance.

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