Top Stories of the Week – June 2, 2012

snom offers free SIP online training for their resellers

snom technology, a developer of IP desktop phones and IP communications solutions, recently announced a new e-learning course focused on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) fundamentals. This training course is the latest addition to snom's new online training programs introduced earlier this year and is available free to registered snom VARs from North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. SIP 101 course will serve as a prerequisite to enrollment in the company's online snom ONE Certification Training course.

IP PBX environments to be developed primarily by larger firms

As time goes by, more and more firms will turn to the latest technology on the market – particularly if it operates in aspects they feel they could save money in. The International Data Corporation has carried out research into the future of the voice market and it has seen that IP PBX systems are likely to be a hit among certain types of businesses in the near future. For instance, it suggested voice connections for the environments will predominantly be snapped up by large and medium-sized organizations internationally and locally.

IPTV could be a solution forr poor Australian TV reception

Things apparently are not going to get any better any time soon for Australians in mostly rural areas whose TV reception sucks. But, thanks to IPTV, other things will improve substantially, according to those with the Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN).

"While the NBN will not fix your TV reception, it is definitely helping to open up new markets for us to consume our television over the Internet and have a higher level of control over our viewing," sated Nichola Parker, a demonstrator for the NBN Discovery Truck which has been touring the country to explain the new IPTV service.

Cisco: Enterprises are adopting BYOD

Executives see significant business benefits of the consumerization of IT, though they admit there also are security and IT support concerns to address, according to a Cisco study.

More enterprises are adopting the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, with executives seeing significant benefits in employee productivity and satisfaction while accepting the security and support issues for IT staffs, according to a new report from Cisco Systems.

In its IBSG Horizon Study, released last May 16, Cisco officials found that 95% of survey respondents said their organizations allow employee-owned devices in some form in the workplace, and that 76% said BYOD was somewhat or extremely positive for their companies and challenging for their IT departments.

In addition, the average number of connected devices per knowledge worker is expected to grow from 2.8 this year to 3.3 by 2014.

AT&T's Stephenson: Content providers are clamoring for 'toll free' data plans

AT&T’s CEO Randall Stephenson said he believes "toll free" data plans, which would exclude certain types of digital content from counting toward a customer's monthly data allotment, likely will be a norm in the next 12 months.

Stephenson observed that customers are beginning to understand tiered data pricing, which may cause them to avoid altogether data-heavy types of over-the-top content services. And since content providers are trying to monetize their digital content over mobile, he said he can see a model where content providers are willing to pay to bring customers to their online content.

"I think you would be stunned if we were not getting those phone calls. We are getting those phone calls," he said. "The content guys are asking to buy."

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