Top Stories of the Week – June 4, 2011

What your wireless operator knows about you

Operators can tell a lot about the devices, apps, and content you use. But they're far more interested in macro-level trends that show shifts in overall usage patterns as mobile broadband use continues to increase.

Like a lot of cell phone users, you may be wondering just what your wireless company knows about you. Can it see what kinds of apps you’re running on your phone and where you go online while you’re out and about? Can it tell what types of phones and tablets are connected to their networks, and how much data they consume? The answer to these questions is “yes.”

Planning iPhone’s future

Sadly, there will be no iPhone 5 this 2011. That is not to say that there won't be a new iPhone this year, but Apple Inc is calling it the "iPhone 4S." The "iPhone 5" will likely be released in 2012 – when everybody was expecting the iPhone 6.

This is most likely because of the upcoming iPhone's lack of 4G LTE technology. Given Apple's on-the-record antipathy for current LTE chipsets, this is not surprising. In fact, it's just as well, since carriers do not quite have their acts together on universally providing real 4G speeds, anyway.

Swisscom reaches 500,000 IPTV subscriptions

Swisscom has reached some 500,000 customers for its IPTV service 'Swisscom TV', after a almost half decade since its launch, and has shown that it is planning to expand and improve the service in order to sign up the next half million customers faster.

The telecom company plans to offer a TV Guide app for Android devices in July, enabling users to consult their EPG and schedule PVR recordings remotely, and will also launch a free 'Swisscom TV air' app for the iPad in the same month, which will join those already available for iPhone, Android and Microsoft devices.

Telecom providers see promise in telemedicine

AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are among the telecom companies that have announced new initiatives for telehealth services, and there are more opportunities to come, says an IDC report.

Telecommunications providers that were once hesitant to enter the telemedicine market due to limited reimbursements for services rendered are shaking off their doubts and developing a more aggressive, confident approach to telemedicine, an IDC report concludes.

More subscribers trigger a surge in US VoIP call rates

About 25% of American adult internet users have made a phone call using VoIP services according to market research company Pew Internet in a report released on May 30.

Seven years ago, about the same number of internet users said they were aware that it was possible to use the internet for phone calling, but the majority of consumers had never used VoIP services.

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