Top Stories of the Week – March 3, 2012

Telecom groups fights against free messaging

Smartphone messaging services such as Pinger provide messaging apps that let phone users chat for free on the carriers' data networks or Wi-Fi. Analysts said telecoms lost nearly US$14 billion in 2011 in text-messaging revenue as consumers migrated to such applications. Analysts said there is no end in sight to the financial blood letting.

Pinger — together with an explosion of smartphone messaging services like iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber Media, Facebook Messenger and KakaoTalk — have managed in just a few years significantly reduce the important revenue that cell phone companies get from text messaging.

Indiagovernment challenges scrapping of telecom licenses

India's government has challenged a court ruling removing 122 telecom licenses awarded in a 2008 sale at the center of a massive corruption scandal.

The government recently challenged the Supreme Court's decision in early February to cancel the second-generation (2G) mobile licenses that have caused turmoil in the flagship telecom sector, saying that it violated the country's constitution.

“This judgment is contrary to the principle of separation of powers written in the constitution,” the Congress-led government said in its petition. The government also said the court had “moved beyond the limits of judicial review and entered the realm of policy making.”

OnSIP Business VoIP releases major rebrand

This week, OnSIP announced the launch of its new website and brand identity with the help of the design company responsible for tweeking popular Internet-based brands such as GetSatisfaction, GoodData, and CoTweet.

Since 2004, OnSIP has concentrated on adding new features, improving usability, and scaling their SIP services with a patent-pending process. Now providing over 10,000 SMEs with unified communication services, the OnSIP team believed it was time to update their brand and outward appearance.

Fujitsu launches Legend-V, the new IP-PBX enterprise telephony system

Fujitsu announced the immediate launching of Enterprise Telephony System Legend-V, the company's latest IP-PBX product for building IP-based enterprise telephony systems.

The new product includes redundancy and a host of functions to improve reliability and minimize the impact that power outages or system failures may have on businesses.

Mobile Users Bill of Rights Proposed

A call for a privacy Bill of Rights for wireless consumers is being promoted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). "Given the sensitivity of the data that many consumers store on their smartphones, the stakes are even higher for manufacturers, carriers, application developers, and mobile ad networks to respect user privacy in order to earn and retain the ever-important trust of the general public," the EFF said in a press statement.

In its Bill of Rights for Mobile Users, the advocate for civil rights in the digital world suggests that app developers remember to respect consumer privacy when creating mobile applications.

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