Top Stories of the Week – May 28, 2011

Has hosted IP telephony reach its potential or it has more to go?

In the United States, hosted IP telephony continues to expand and many believe it has not yet achieved its potential.  In fact, according to studies, the market for U.S. hosted IP telephony and hosted unified communications represent annual revenues of more than $500 million. However, the real big question is whether hosted IP telephony already has reached much of its potential. Will other collaboration and communication services and applications that are more cost-effective and reliable displace it?

Europe's video conferencing market grows 20%

A Frost & Sullivan report stated that the European market for video conferencing has increase to 20 percent in 2010, reaching $518 million in revenues. The report cited a reduction in business travel as a main cause. At least one European vendor, meanwhile, said it saw a silver lining in a cloud, the ash cloud from Iceland's 2010 volcanic eruption that grounded air traffic in northern Europe. It said inquiries about video conferencing jumped 180 percent during the disruption.

Comcast conducts IPTV service dryruns

Comcast Corp. has discreetly begun testing an IP-based television platform designed to personalize TV viewing, including streaming movies and episodic programming similar to popular IPTV services such as Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV.

Codenamed “Xcalibur,” the platform is currently being tested and tweaked to deliver subscriber-designated content stored on cloud-based servers and streamed via Comcast’s own IP network.

Will 4G boost the VoIP industry?

Many say an international move to 4G networks, set to roll out in late 2012, will bring about a huge opportunity for VoIP providers, which are already increasing their share of the communications market.

The previous shift to 3G has not only seen increased business for VoIP providers, but has caused a significant decline in business for traditional communications providers; the year 2009 and 2010 saw a massive drop of one million fixed-line users across the UK.

Mubarak to pay $90 Million for Telecom Shutdown, Egyptian court ruled

An Egyptian court has fined ousted president Hosni Mubarak and two of his former ministers some $90 million for shutting down telecommunication services during the country's popular uprising last January 2011.

The court ruled Saturday that Mubarak, former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif and former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly were guilty of "damaging" Egypt's economy after ordering the shutdown of the country's Internet and telephone services as thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets.

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