Top Stories of the Week – November 26, 2011

Sony plans virtual cable offering through Playstation 3, Blu-ray, connected TVs

Sony Corp is actively seeking media partners for an Internet-based virtual pay-TV service to compete head on with current service providers and to be delivered through Sony devices like Blu-ray players, televisions and its PlayStation 3 (PS3).

Media sources reported that the Japanese company had talked with News Corp, Comcast's NBC Universal and Discovery Communications.

ITPVoIP smoothens college transition with affordable Internet phone service for students

ITP VoIP, a relatively new VoIP provider offering a number of different Internet phone service packages, is reaching out to college students to educate them about the benefits of VoIP.

ITP offers basic VoIP phone service with many included features that can help college students keep in touch with their friends and family members, in addition to premium softphone service for users interested in placing VoIP calls over their personal computers.

Starting at under US$10 per month, the basic call plan from ITP VoIP includes a selection of free internet phone service features that traditional home and cell phone providers do not often provide.

New eVoice iOS app transforms iDevices into feature-rich phones

J2 Global Communications recenty announced the availability of its new, free eVoice iOS mobile app. With the app, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users can make and receive phone calls over a WiFi connection or a 3G/4G network.

The new eVoice application transforms iDevices into phone systems with a 24-hour auto attendant (to answer and route inbound calls), multiple extensions for employees (including intercom functionality), enhanced voice mail (with transcriptions and audio files sent to email or text), and advanced call handling features (including call screening).

IP telephony solutions provider snom  broadens appeal with new tool

The prospect of investing in brand new internet protocol (IP) telephony solutions from snom may have recently become significantly more inviting to businesses around the world.

That is because the Germany-based company is adding an extra tool to the package it offers clients. According to reports, it will provide a free tool that allows firms to enjoy hosted management and provisioning – a move that it hopes will "widen its appeal" within the market.

Nepal faces hurdle to seize bank account in VoIP-related case

Nepal’s Department of Revenue Investigation (DRI) has found bank balance, at Hong Kong-based HSBC Bank, of Bhola Kishor Dangol, who is on the run to avoid charges of operating illegal VoIP services.

Dangol, the owner of ISPs Global Softnet and Global Internet Services, is found to be the main culprit in illicit call bypass that had bleed government coffers dry, a government official involved in the investigation said. The primary investigation of the department has shown that Global Softnet and Global Internet Services had cheated around US$12 million revenue through illegal VoIP operations.

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