Top Stories of the Week – October 15, 2011

EBay plans to add image recognition technology to mobile offerings

Online shopping giant, EBay, plans to add image-recognition technology to its mobile offerings. The innovation will allow shoppers to snap photos of items they covet – such as a cute dress a friend is wearing. And then an eBay app will match up with similar items for sale on their site.

Speaking at eBay Inc's X.commerce conference in San Francisco last Wednesday, CEO John Donahoe said eBay plans to release the feature by the end of the year.

Google Mobile revenue growth props up stock value

Google’s recent quarterly report showed the impressive revenue growth many have been anticipating from mobile for the last decade. At this time last year Google predicted a run rate for its mobile revenues at around US$1B per year and now they are at a run rate of US$2.5B per year. While some may argue exactly what the definition of run rate and revenues really means the trend is what to focus on. In a year their run rate has jumped to 2.5 times what it was just a year ago. Impressive numbers and the stock was well rewarded jumping over 5 percent on Friday.

Telefonica’s O2 releases own Skype-like VoIP Calls with O2 Connect

O2 in the UK is jumping into the Internet-calling bandwagon with a new service called O2 Connect. The service, which is first being launched as a limited trial in the UK, is the first product to come out of Telefonica Digital.

This is the new unit set up by O2’s parent company Telefonica to drive more innovative digital services centrally that can be implemented across the whole of Telefonica’s footprint, which spans from mobile and fixed operations in Latin America through to Europe.

Fonality logged 3 billion calls via cloud-based business communications

Fonality, reported to be the fastest growing business communications company in North America, announced that it has served more than 3 billion phone calls through its cloud-based platform.

Fonality allows small and mid-size businesses  to communicate more effectively by offering VoIP, Unified Communications and contact center desktop and mobile solutions that are easy to understand and use, simple to manage and affordable to deploy. With its solutions, Fonality can help growing businesses save up to 60 percent versus traditional legacy systems.

P&T Luxembourg re-launches IPTV service

P&T Luxembourg has enhance its IPTV service using software and set-top boxes from French firm Netgem, enabling new features such as video-on-demand, catch-up TV and Web-enabled applications.

The telco company has selected Netgem's nCloud architecture for the new version of the service, which is being rolled out later this month. Subscribers to its premium package will receive a Netbox N8000 MediaCentre PVR, enabling them to access over 200 linear channels, over-the-top VOD and catch-up TV, radio and social media content from Web applications.

The Netbox N8000 MediaCentre PVR will also offer time shifting capabilities, enable users to access their digital media through the set-top box's Mediacentre, and use their smartphone as a remote control.

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