US law firms adopt VoIP, ShoreTel UC Platform

ShoreTel is promoting the advantages that law firms can be derived from the implementation of its on-premises VoIP business platform with integrated unified communications capabilities.


"ShoreTel is easy to operate and law firms do not need to hire outside help," said a company spokesman said Thursday. "This saves money law firms during the life of the system."


Company facilities in technology can also be customized easily, resulting in better time management and monitoring criteria — that are critical to the legal industry, said Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Shoretel Gavin.


"Without it, the needs of a client may be in danger and threatened customer satisfaction," said Gavin.


Some legal professionals still have traditional phones at their desks, while others prefer to use instant messaging and “soft" telephony. But having disparate communications systems really limits the capabilities that can be entered, is too expensive and difficult to maintain, said David Michel, CIO of the law firm of Burr & Forman, which has offices throughout the South.


"We wanted an easier way to share information – especially for lawyers who travel to depots, hotels, meetings and such," said Michel. "We chose ShoreTel for its ease of use, simplicity, the total cost of ownership, disaster recovery and cost savings."


'Strong Positive' Rating


ShoreTel was the only class VoIP business phone system provider for a "very positive" rating in Gartner's report which covers UC platforms for companies in small and medium scale in North America. By contrast, rival Avaya, Cisco, Mitel Interactive Intelligence and others received positive ratings, while Alcatel-Lucent, Digium, Microsoft, NEC, Siemens Enterprise Communications and Toshiba were rated as very good UC platforms.


"The ratings of sellers speak for themselves," said Gartner Research Director Jay Lassman.


Overall, ShoreTel has designed a solution that effectively addresses with the needs of restrictions and provide organizations easy to use, easy to manage and easy to implement communication solutions.


"The ease of use, management and execution, as well as architecture inherently redundant ShoreTel 13 is well suited for most SMEs UC needs and limited resources," wrote Lassman and new report co-author, Megan Marek Fernandez. "ShoreTel's architecture provides the relevant SMB market inherent redundancy similarly used by large customers."


Although the capabilities of contact centers were not a priority criterion for the new Gartner report, Lassman said the ShoreTel Contact Center technology is not as robust as competitive offerings from Cisco, Avaya and Interactive Intelligence. Gartner recommends that SMEs evaluate coverage before extending channel deployments to sites outside of North America, given the limited geographic coverage of ShoreTel.

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