Videoplaza gets $12 million funding to accelerate its international expansion

Videoplaza, the world's leading management platform video advertising for publishers, today announced it has received a second round of funding worth $12 million from Qualcomm Ventures and Innovacom. The funding will accelerate the global expansion of the company and ensure sustained product leadership following the evolution of video ad inventory to new devices and platforms. After a good 2011, Videoplaza has increased its international customer base and has more than five times the volume of ads served in the past year. The company has opened new offices in Madrid, Berlin and Singapore and works with a customer base in 17 markets worldwide.

Traditionally, the television advertising market has been a great opportunity with a value today round the 160,000 U.S. dollars. The spread of video content is undergoing a shift from a model based on the radio to a broadcast model where publishers and IP television commercial and technology must be adapted to take advantage of the evolution of advertising spending to the new environment.

"We believe in our position and we are committed to 100% with the publishers, enabling broadcasters and publishers monetize their inventory efficiently video on any device or service. This investment allows us to further strengthen our commitment to scale up efforts R & D and having a greater presence to ensure that our customers can build sustainable businesses in a sector rapidly evolving and increasingly fragmented, "says Sorosk Tavakoli, CEO of Videoplaza.

The new IP TV offers a wide range of new opportunities for business owners increase their distribution media, audience and revenue. However, it also presents a set of real challenges, among which are the fragmentation of devices and the monetization policy development across multiple platforms. The owners of the media need a clear strategy and a technical infrastructure that allows them to support the implementation of a business model that is independent of the device.

"With the explosion in the number of connected devices, the new IPTV is clearly one of the busiest markets today," said Bruno Dizengremel, Innovacom partner. "Videoplaza has not only managed to sign a broad customer base and high profile, but its technology is in the center of the monetization strategy of the networks and premium publishers. Our investment in Videoplaza reflects the importance we the development of income-generating opportunities in the new TV – technology platforms will become increasingly important for it. "

Videoplaza has rapidly evolved from what initially was an online video business. The growth of connected devices means that the video is displayed anywhere. In 2020, there will be about 10,000 million connected mobile devices and media owners need to monetize their content effectively, regardless of where they are consumed. Videoplaza technology platform currently delivers advertising in all major devices and services, including Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, IOS devices, Android, Sony Playstation, Samsung Smart TV and IPTV closed environments, among others. By 2013, Videoplaza expects more than half of its traffic comes from devices other than PC. Only in the last quarter of 2011, 8% of the company's traffic was generated from these devices.

Videoplaza previously has received investments from venture capital firms Creandum and Northzone, which have also been implicated in this round of funding.

About Videoplaza

Videoplaza allows television networks, web publishers and ad networks to maximize their advertising revenue in the emerging area of ​​IP TV. The advertising management platform is used by Videoplaza global customer base to monetize video content across PCs, mobile devices, tablets, IPTV and connected TVs. Videoplaza is headquartered in London and offices in Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Singapore.

About Innovacom

Innovacom, a venture capital company set up by France Telecom in 1988, financed start-ups in the telecommunications and Internet through funds open to institutional investors. Innovacom has funded over 300 companies, 25 of which are listed on Nasdaq or the exchanges of Paris, London and Frankfurt. Among its many successes include Business Objects, InfoVista, Intershop, Soitec,, Alapage, Kelkoo, AuFéminin, Inventel, Netcentrex, Steek, Streamezzo and Digitick.

Acerca de Qualcomm Ventures

Qualcomm Ventures, the venture investment group of Qualcomm Incorporated, was founded in America in November 2000 with an initial capital of 500 million dollars. The aim is to support Qualcomm Ventures Qualcomm's mission of fostering and promoting markets and 3G wireless Internet through investments in private start-ups. Among the companies that have received investments include companies focusing on wireless communications and consumer and vertical markets worldwide.

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