VideoWeb TV brings together for the first time HbbTV and IPTV

The Karlsruhe TV portal specialist VideoWeb, in collaboration with Zattoo, recently for the first time allowed a linear live TV service via the Internet to stream directly to your TV.

The online TV application now continues to bring more market premieres of the new Teletext and HbbTV which will include RedButton function of the flat screen TV.

VideoWeb brings in collaboration with Zattoo in Germany and in Switzerland with more than 110 live TV channels over the Internet to the TV. From now on, live programs will be streamed directly by the HbbTV applications of participating TV stations. The user can now upgrade their TV with TV VideoWeb smartTV to the latest technology and use over 100 new features and entertainment options directly.

Applications include the channels of the German TV station, the new teletext broadcast program guide and related information such as the nightly news and Today Plus Journal on call.

"Internet television is of interest to more and more households and it brings new benefits," says Matthias Greve, founder and CEO of VideoWeb, "with TV VideoWeb, we are becoming trendsetters in the new exciting smartTV and multimedia TV world. Our customers are all by the development of TV VideoWeb always one step ahead when it comes to modern TV entertainment. We have set ourselves the goal of making VideoWeb TV for our customers and prospective customers to be attractive always and the VideoWeb TV portal always innovating. "

The solution of VideoWeb and Zattoo is particular to the German and Swiss market. Previously, customers who wanted to use the television via the Internet (IPTV), can access only via a special connection with some DSL providers in certain TV programs. Now television is via the Internet to every household with a fast Internet connection (from 2 Mbps).

The Swiss company, Zattoo, is a leading European platform provider for the distribution of linear Live TV on Internet-enabled devices, offers on its range-strong platform in Germany next to public broadcasting stations and selected private and international TV stations.

Currently, Zattoo in Germany has more than 60 TV channels available, including all public programs such as the First and ZDF channels including digital divisions and third programs. In addition, Sport 1, DMAX, Arte, The Fourth, iMusic, CNN, Bloomberg and other private and international channels shown. The Swiss program package have 110 channels available.

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