VoIP Resources: White Papers – Archive

Note: these VoIP white papers are part of our archive and are out of date. Please search iptelephony.org for more up to date listing of relevant VoIP and IPTV whitepapers.

Publisher White Paper Title Date
3com The Five Critical Considerations for Successful IP Telephony Deployment  
3com IP Telephony in Branch Networks: The Case for Voice Boundary Routing  
3com What’s SIP Got To Do With It?  
3com IP Telephony Security—A Double-edged Sword?  
3com IP Mobility: Raising the Bar for Convergence Networks  
3com Making The Business Case for IP Telephony  
Aculab Implementing Telco Grade Functionality April 2006
Artesyn Technologies Product Testing: Creating Meaningful Test Data for Our Customers 2005
Artesyn Technologies Introduction to Sigtran 2005
Artesyn Technologies Bundled Solutions: A White Paper 2005
Audiocodes Deploying Voice Over Broadband Telephony March 2006
Audiocodes CPE VoIP Gateways Application Note 2005
Cantata Technology Scalable, Standards-Based IP Media Servers: Driving the Shift from Proprietary Architectures 2005
Cantata Technology Creating A Smooth Migration Path To IP: How Next Generation Media Gateways Can Pave the Way 2006
Cantata Technology VoIP-Enabling a Class 4 / Class 5 Switch with the IMG 1010 2005
Cantata Tehnology MSCML Protocol: The Key to Unlocking a New Generation of Multimedia SIP Services 2005
Cantata MSCML Protocol: The Key to Unlocking a New Generation of Multimedia SIP Services July 2005
Convad Regulating the VoIP Revolution  
Convad The Arrival of VoIP  
Data Connection IP Multimedia Subsystem: Application Services in an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Network  
Data Connection IP Routing: IP Multicast Explained  
Data Connection SIP: SIP Market Overview  
Data Connection SBC: Session Border Controllers: Enabling the VoIP Revolution  
Data Connection SBC:Session Border Control in IMS  
Data Connection Applications in an IMS Network  
Enterasys SIP Traversal Solution  
FaxBack Boardless Fax Servers in VoIP Environments 2/16/07
Flextronics Software Systems SIP Network Server – Network Deployment for VoIP Services  
Flextronics Software Systems Challenges for Building Softswitches and the HSS Softswitch Approach  
GAO Research Voice over IP  
Hermes Group Voice over IP Technologies: Ready For The Enterprise?  
Integrated Research VoIP network assessments with PROGNOSIS IP Telephony Assessor  
Integrated Research Avoiding the pitfalls of VoIP  
Intel Delivering Secure IP-Based Services  
Intel Diagnosing Voice Quality Impairments and Designing Solutions for Voice over IP Systems  
Intel Overcoming Barriers to High-Quality Voice over IP Deployments  
Intel Enhanced Service Delivery: IP Multimedia Subsystems and AdvancedTCA*  
Lucent IMS Service Architecture Feb 05
Motorola IMS Nov 2005
Netwport Networks SIP Security and the IMS Core 2006
Paradial Connectivity Challenges for Real Time IP Communications  
Pingtel Secure IP Telephony for the Enterprise  
Pingtel Open Source IP Communications  
RadVision H.323 Firewall/NAT Traversal 2005
RadVision SIP – The Driving Force in Desktop Multimedia Conferencing  
RadVision Cisco QoS for IP Videoconferencing  
RadVision SIP-Protocol Overview  
RadVision What is SIP  
RadVision SIP Server Technical Overview  
RadVision Media Gateway Control Protocols  
RadVision Traversal of IP Voice and Video Through Firewalls  
RadVision Overview of H.323-SIP Interworking  
Sonus Networks Architectural Choices in a Changing Market: The IMS Industry Standard 1/11/07
Sonus Networks Fixed Mobile Convergence: The Rationale, Characteristics and Technical Approaches to 1/11/09
Sonus Networks From Border Control to Border Switching: An Integrated Solution for IP Interconnect 1/11/07
Sonus Networks The Cable Crunch: How MSOs can be Competitive and Profitable in an Increasingly Overlapping Voice, Data and Video Market 1/11/07
Sonus Networks Bringing Convergence to Carrier Peering: An Overview of Past and Future Solutions to the Challenge of Global Interconnection 1/11/07
SupportSoft VoIP – A Call To Action 2006
Tekelec IMS: An Architectural Overview From a Signaling Perspective May 2005
Texas Instruments Beyond QoS: The VoIP User Experience 2005
Texas Instruments Security Challenges for CALEA in Voice over Packet Networks 2004
Texas Instruments Wideband Voice Coding: Opportunities and Challenges 2004
VDC IMS for Wireline and Wireless Applications Aug 2005
VeriSign IP Voice Network Brokering Aug 2005
VeriSign IP Neworking Solutions: Interconnecting VoIP Networks to the PSTN (for small service providers) Aug 2005